Heartland President James Taylor on Tony Katz Today Talking About Biden’s New Alaska Drilling Policy

Published March 15, 2023

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Heartland Institute President James Taylor on Tuesday, March 14 was a guest on Tony Katz Today on WIBC radio in Indianapolis to talk about President Biden’s announcement this week about drilling in Alaska. (See our press release on that.)

While the environmental left is angry at Biden for opening up any drilling in Alaska (the Willow Project), Taylor explains that the president actually closed off a lot more resources than he opened. “This is economic self-mutilation,” Taylor said. “The media is in the bag for the environmental crazies.”

“We have more oil than Saudi Arabia. We have more oil than Russia,” Taylor said, adding that the drive for “green energy” will make the United States and the world dependent on rare earth minerals largely controlled by China. Enjoy this conversation on “energy security,” as Katz puts it in his interview with Taylor.

NOTE: You can also listen to this Heartland Daily Podcast version of the interview in the player below if the embed above doesn’t work or is disabled by WIBC.