Heartland Weekly: AOC Continues to Prove Herself Clueless

Published September 30, 2019

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The Media is Misleading You about Vaping
Chris Talgo
The fake news media and ignorant politicians have shamefully perpetuated the myth that vaping (in general) is responsible for more than 500 hospitalizations and seven deaths. Not true.

AOC Continues to Prove Herself Clueless
Justin Haskins
Fox News
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who has already proven she knows almost nothing about her beloved socialism, the environment, or economics – also shows she knows nothing about history.

Leftist CEOs Swoop in to ‘Save the Day’ on Guns
Billy Aouste
American Spectator
Corporate America comes swooping in to try to sway the Senate into pushing unnecessary and unconstitutional gun control. We can only hope their letter was shoved into the garbage.

Now is the Time to Debate the ‘Climate Crisis’
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: James Taylor
With state and national legislation being pushed that would fundamentally alter our economy and lifestyles, a debate over the causes and consequences of climate change is overdue.

School Choice Roadmap to Success
Host: Lennie Jarratt
Guest: Andrew Campanella
Andrew Campanella, president of National School Choice Week, discusses his new book, The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child.

No Low-Cost Insurance for Employers
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guest: Russ Carpel
Surveys show out-of-pocket costs for company health plans are taking larger chunks out of paychecks. One reason is health insurance brokers have no incentive to find the best deals.

Electricity in the Realm of the Lion King
Kelvin Kemm
The Heartland Institute

Africa is a different continent than the Western world. Many countries are still in development and its electricity supply challenges are quite monumental.

It’s OK That Politics Is Now a Clown Show
Jeffrey Tucker
Child climate star Greta Thunberg is hailed for her efforts and supposed expertise on the climate, yet the media continue to ignore climate realists with Ph.D.s.

Homeschoolers More Diverse Than Thought
Vivian E. Jones
School Reform News
There is not a living soul who is proud of what national politics has become, but perhaps there is a silver lining to the dark and ominous cloud.

Sanders’ Crazy Socialist Housing Scheme
Emma Kaden and Chris Talgo
American Thinker
Sen. Bernie Sanders, self-avowed democratic socialist, just released his crazy “Housing for All” initiative as part of his 2020 presidential campaign.

‘Right to Wilderness’ Gets Tossed Lawsuit
H. Sterling Burnett
Environment & Climate News
A U.S. District Court rejected a lawsuit filed by environmental groups claiming U.S. policies allowing fossil fuel development and use violate the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.

Under Trump, 7 Million Have Quit Food Stamps
Chris Talgo
Washington Examiner
Here’s proof that there is a growing economy enjoyed by all walks of life in the country: Seven million Americans no longer rely on government assistance in the form of food stamps.

HUD Proposes Rule Defining Discrimination
Bonner Cohen
Budget & Tax News
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is proposing a regulation amending the agency’s “Interpretation of the Fair Housing Act’s Disparate Impact Standard.”

Sales Tax Holidays are Inefficient Tax Gimmicks
Matthew Glans
Research & Commentary
Despite their popularity with legislators and some consumers, sales-tax holidays are not sound tax policy, giving consumers temporary relief instead of fixing actual problems.

D.C. Circuit Court Upholds EPA Ozone Standards
Duggan Flanakin
Environment & Climate News
The D.C. Court of Appeals unanimously rejected challenges filed by industry, some states, and environmental groups to Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Throwing Money at K–12 Shows No Good Outcomes
Lennie Jarratt and Matthew Glans
Policy Tip Sheet
Proponents of the “Invest in Idaho” tax claim it is necessary to improve the state’s public education system. But evidence shows more funding often does not improve outcomes.