Heartland Weekly: Celebrate #OurAmerica During July

Published June 27, 2016

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Lennie Jarratt, Homeschool Monthly
Are you a parent who homeschools your children or is interested in homeschooling? If so, you’ll want to subscribe to our newHomeschool Monthly e-newsletter. It pulls together all the latest news and commentary relating to homeschooling. Included in this first issue are links to articles about resourceful parent co-ops, articles about Common Core, and podcasts that explain the benefits and importance of homeschooling. READ MORE

Matthew Glans, Heartland Research & Commentary
In an effort to fill holes in the budget caused by fiscal mismanagement, Philadelphia has enacted a so-called “sin tax” on sugary drinks – a ploy for new revenue that won’t benefit public health and will hurt the poor. A better, more sustainable policy to fix the city’s fiscal woes is to lower tax rates, put dollars back into the pockets of taxpayers, and encourage government efficiency by creating reasonable limits on spending.READ MORE

The Heartland Institute is working with other nonprofit groups this July to call attention to what makes America exceptional and fundamentally good. At a time when presidential candidates either disparage America or don’t seem to know what it stands for, we want to remind Americans of the Founders’ ideas and provide hope that those ideas can be rescued and preserved. Join us all month long by regularly visiting heartland.org/ouramerica and using the #OneAmerica hashtag on your social media accounts.LEARN MORE

According to a lawsuit filed on May 31, Greenpeace is “a global fraud.” Michael Bowe, a partner with the New York law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Frieman, joins the podcast to discuss how Greenpeace is being sued under federal and state racketeering laws for trademark violations, defamation, and tortious interference of commerce claims. This case proves Greenpeace isn’t just a radical environmental advocacy group, but it uses deceitful and illegal methods as well. LISTEN TO MORE


Visit Heartland’s #OurAmerica page to find other memes to share and
ideas on how to promote our shared values

Jesse Hathaway, Deseret News
The citizens of Salt Lake City are about to find out that sports-stadium welfare for the Utah Jazz, the local NBA team, is a big loser for taxpayers – who are now on the hook for $22.7 million in subsidies to update Vivint Arena. Politicians used the same tired arguments that this public “investment” will lead to local economic growth. It certainly will, but only for the owners and players. Decades of studies show such  corporate welfare will have no effect on local per-capita income or economic growth. READ MORE

Environmental activists who routinely label skeptics of a man-caused climate crisis as “anti-science” simultaneously demonize the advancements in genetic modification of foods. To help dispel the myths and alarmism that surround GMOs, food policy and agriculture writer Julie Kelly came to The Heartland Institute to talk about how GMOs help feed a growing world population and protect the environment. WATCH IT HERE

On Thursday, July 7, environmental activist Cedric C. Keith will be at The Heartland Institute’s Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center in Arlington Heights, Illinois to discuss his new book The Dying Fish: A Sojourn to the Source, which tells the story of his 4,000-mile walk through the wilds of the east to help preserve an endangered species. Later in July, on July 20, Timothy and Christina Sandefur will be here to talk about property rights and eminent domain. We hope to see you here in Arlington Heights, but if you are unable to attend in person, the events will be live-streamed and archived on Heartland’s YouTube page. SEE UPCOMING EVENTS HERE

Michael Hamilton, Consumer Power Report
The right to try drugs to extend and improve one’s life, outside the sclerotic restrictions of the Food and Drug Administration, precedes the founding of our nation. Yet state lawmakers in 40 percent of states have yet to protect this right from federal overreach. Health Care NewsManaging Editor Michael Hamilton says they should do so now, ahead of federal lawmakers. READ MORE

Joy Pullmann, School Choice Weekly
Just days after the terrorist atrocity in Orlando, the College Board released a revamp of its Advanced Placement European history class, excising the history of Islam’s clash with Christianity and the West. In fact, almost all religious history has been erased or reinterpreted as mere political power plays. This rewrite illustrates how easily the education of the next generation about Western heritage can be changed by elites. READ MORE

Meet two self-pay patients who don’t have or want health insurance, don’t receive government assistance, and consistently score the best prices on health care money can buy. In this edition of the Heartland Daily Podcast, Sean Parnell, author of The Self-Pay Patient, joins Research Fellow Michael Hamilton to sing the virtues of going uninsured in order to obtain the most cost-effective health care for oneself and one’s family.  LISTEN HERE

Joseph L. Bast, Somewhat Reasonable
Many people rely on our profile on Wikipedia to provide an objective description of our mission, programs, and accomplishments. Alas, the profile they find there is afake, filled with lies and libel about our funding, tactics, and the positions we take on controversial issues. Wikipedia refuses to make the changes we request. It even deletes and reverses all the changes made by others who know the profile is unreliable. We need your help! READ MORE

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