Heartland Weekly: Climate Alarmists Winning the War of Words

Published January 13, 2020

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Non-Compete Clauses Shackle Physicians
AnneMarie Schieber
The Hill
Tired of regulation, more physicians are leaving private practices to join hospital networks, but ultimately find themselves and their potential patients restricted by non-compete clauses.

Alarmists Winning the War of Words
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
Watts Up With That
Thanks largely to Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders and 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, “existential’ was selected as the word of the year by Dictionary.com.

UN Hypocrites Blame Beef for Climate
James Taylor
Miami Herald
If global warming is an existential threat in part caused by meat consumption, then why do they line up in droves to purchase Burger King hamburgers at their big climate conference?

The U.S. Primary Care Shortage
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Courtney Joslin
Courtney Joslin, resident fellow in commercial freedom at Washington, DC’s R Street Institute, discusses how medical licensing reform can address the shortage in primary care physicians.

Twenty-One and You
Hosts: Billy Aouste and Chris Talgo
Two Heartland hosts talk about recent laws banning activities until the age of 21. These laws include both smoking and vaping bans across the nation, and stripping in Reno, Nevada.

World Best Its Ever Been
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Merrill Matthews
In terms of human well-being and prosperity, and environmental quality, the world is getting better and better, despite what climate alarmist are indoctrinating kids to believe.

Modest Warming Brings Fewer Extremes
James Taylor
Epoch Times
A review of climate data in Idaho reveals that modest global warming has resulted in fewer climate extremes and has brought significant benefits in the Gem State.

Old Farmer’s Almanac vs. NOAA
Tom Harris and Jay Lehr
Climate Change Dispatch
While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a warmer-than-average winter, another professional source says it will be C-O-L-D.

Do We Face a Climate Cat–astrophe?
Duggan Flanakin
The Heartland Institute
Must we put up with yet another eco-cataclysm fabricated and exaggerated by our ruling and cultural elites, this time against our furry feline friends?

Examples of Dedication to Freedom
Richard Ebeling
Future of Freedom Foundation
In The Road to Serfdom, Hayek mentioned that he had often been told by his socialist colleagues that he would hold an important position in a future planned society if he conformed.

Reno, Nevada Declares War on Women
Chris Talgo
Reno, Nevada, also known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” has made it illegal for any woman under the age of 21 to work in a so-called gentlemen’s club.

Gas Taxes Won’t Solve Funding Problems
Matthew Glans
Research & Commentary
Gasoline taxes are ineffective, regressive, and have increasingly left transportation systems shortchanged. Missouri seems determined to learn this lesson the hard way.

Identifying What Ails Us
Daniel Sutter
The Heartland Institute
Johnson and Johnson and Bayer faces bankruptcy over baby powder and Roundup. The cases raise the vital question of whether we accurately identify potential hazards.

Reform USAID Energy Policies Now!
Paul Driessen and David Wojick
The Heartland Institute
Support for abundant, reliable, affordable electricity is good policy not just for the United States and the developed world, but also for Africa, the poorest continent on Earth.

Both Sides Accept Media Misinformation
James Agresti
The Heartland Institute
A scientific survey commissioned by Just Facts shows that many people are indeed misinformed. But contrary to the claims of liberals in the media, this is a bipartisan affair.