Heartland Weekly – Four Glaring Examples of the Socialist Agenda

Published January 22, 2019

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Global Warming Crop Scare is Fake News
James Taylor
American Thinker
Global warming alarmists and their media allies launched a new scare last week, claiming that global warming is causing crop failures and food shortages around the globe.

Four Glaring Examples of the Socialist Agenda
Justin Haskins
Fox News
The Democratic Party has steadily moved away from its roots, instead choosing to embrace radical identity politics and a socialist agenda. Here are four examples.

Trump Relaxes EPA Rules as Congress Fiddles
H. Sterling Burnett
The Daily Caller
As the federal government spends like a drunken sailor, Congress fiddled at the end of December, failing to pass bills to keep the government open, unlike Trump who did his job.

Checking in with the Vaping Congressman
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest: Rep. Duncan Hunter
Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) joins the show to discuss his vaping story, federal legislation, and suggestions for policy makers and e-cigarette users on regulating tobacco harm reduction products.

Green New Deal and the Threat of Socialism
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Justin Haskins
Heartland’s Justin Haskins says the Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, increasingly embraced by leaders in the Democratic Party, would create a dangerous foothold for socialism.

Assessing Warren’s Generic Drug Plan
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Michael Brzica
Heartland Institute Health Care Policy Advisor Sarah Lee interviews Michael Brzica on U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s terrible plan to nationalize the development and sale of generic pharmaceuticals.

The ‘Green New Deal’ Looks Awfully Familiar
Charles Battig
American Thinker
This hodgepodge of wishful socialist thinking, climate non-science, social justice mandates, population control advocacy, and progressivism laced with technocracy is not new or original.

Climate Doom Ahead? Think Twice
Charles Steele
Real Clear Energy
Discussion at the UN climate change talks held in Poland recently reached a stalemate. The issue? An IPCC report released earlier this year, entitled “Special Report 15” (SR-15).

Raising the  Tobacco Age to 21 Does Little
Lindsey Stroud
The Hill
In an effort to combat tobacco addiction, state lawmakers are using Big Government to strip adults’ freedoms while threatening the viability of tobacco harm reduction products.

Renewable Energy Subsidies Costly to Taxpayers
Bonner Cohen
Environment & Climate News
The federal production tax credit for wind energy producers has cost the United States government billions of dollars in revenues while benefiting just a few large corporations, says a new study by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Trump Signs ‘First Step’ Criminal Justice Reform
Sarah Quinlan
Budget & Tax News
President Trump has signed into law a bipartisan federal criminal justice reform bill, the First Step Act. The legislation includes reforms in sentencing, credits for participation in prison programs, and early prisoner release.

CSAs Allow CO Students Access to Safe Schools
Tim Benson
Research & Commentary
This week, the Colorado Legislature established a Child Safety Account program long championed by The Heartland Institute. This system will allow children to escape dangerous schools and give choice back to parents.