Heartland Weekly: Heartland Provides Science to EPA

Published June 11, 2018

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Trump Working to Reduce Drug Prices
Sarah Lee, Detroit News
Trump’s plan to fix drug costs is simple: Make drug pricing much more competitive and subject to free-market forces.

Heartland Provides Science to EPA
Heartland Institute President Tim Huelskamp this week shipped copies of the Climate Change Reconsidered series Scott Pruitt to help him answer an obnoxious court order.

Dying Patients Get a Second Chance
Tim Huelskamp & Arianna Wilkerson
Washington Examiner
Americans have secured an important right: the freedom to choose medicine and treatments that may extend their lives.

Obama Destroyed the Environment
Hosts: Andy Singer and H. Sterling Burnett
While in office, the Obama administration seized control of state owned land across the US.  and banned hunting and fishing across millions of acres of land and water, which undermined sound wildlife management.

Providing Patients the Right to Try 
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Bartley Madden
Bartley Madden, author of Free to Choose Medicine, discusses President Donald Trump signing of Right to Try legislation.

Facebook vs. the First Amendment
Hosts: Chris Talgo & Lindsey Stroud
Guest: David Shestokas
This episode of Constitutional Soundbites features a timely discussion on the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech and the press. 

Govt. Can’t Cure Our Education Problem
Chris Talgo & Lennie Jarratt, American Thinker
America education system was once the envy of world. Then progressive “reformers” got their hands on it and a long, sad decline began.

Dems Scheming Over Dying ACA
Justin Haskins, The Hill
ObamaCare is dying a slow, painful death. Good riddance! But Democrats have yet to accept the inevitable demise of this broken system.

Sea Level Panic is Pointless
Fred Singer, The Hill
Panic over rising sea levels is a worry over nothing. The seas have been rising at a consistent rate for decades, so why the concern now?

Bakken Oil Boom Will Last
Bette Grande, The Forum
The Bakken oil fields will provide companies a key component in keeping American energy independent with its vast natural stockpile.

Illinois Is Better Off Bankrupt
John Merrifield & Barry Poulson, RealClearPolicy
Illinois now has the worst credit rating in the municipal bond market. At this point it is better to let the state go bankrupt.

FDA Blocks Sunscreen Research
Madeline Fry, Health Care News
New sunscreen products with innovative cancer-blocking ingredients that could help prevent harmful UV exposure remain stuck in the FDA approval process.