High-Yielding Rice Cultivar Does Even Better in CO2-Enriched Air

Published May 15, 2014

The development of crops which are best suited to grow under future environmental conditions, such as higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations, “is essential to meeting the challenge of ensuring food security in the face of the growing human population and changing climate,” and in this study a high-yielding indica rice variety (Oryza sativa L. cv. Takanari) is examined as a potential candidate for such breeding, “due to its high productivity in present CO2 concentrations”… Read More

The Intracolonial Genetic Variability of Corals (13 May 2014)
A new study describes yet another way by which individual species of coral may maintain their viability in a CO2-enriched and warming world… Read More

Difficulties in Correctly Modelling the East Asian Summer Monsoon (13 May 2014)
Once again, it seems that whatever advancements are achieved as climate models continue to be “perfected,” there are always a handful of stubborn problems that either remain, or crop up, to continue to plague them… Read More

Difficulties in Correctly Modelling the East Asian Winter Monsoon (13 May 2014)
As is being found to be the case by many other researchers involved in the testing of various state-of-the-art climate models, almost all of them have significant deficiencies that have yet to be fully rectified…. Read More

The Love-Hate Relationship of CO2 & Plant Protein Concentration (14 May 2014)
It is really much ado about very little… Read More

Coralline Algae Exposed to Variable pCO2: Prepped for the Future? (14 May 2014)
The “significance of the original habitat of the coralline calcification response to variable, high pCO2 indicates that individuals existing in dynamic pCO2 habitats may be acclimatized to ocean acidification within the scope of in situ variability”… Read More

Ocean Acidification’s Impact on Coral Bleaching: How Great Is It? (14 May 2014)
Short-term exposure to elevated pCO2, alone and in combination with elevated temperature, does not cause or affect coral bleaching in the coral Seriatopora caliendrum… Read More