It Would Be Nice If The Media Checked At Least A Little Into Its Leftist Sources

Published October 20, 2017

Our “news media” – a term I use as loosely as is possible – never finds it beneath them to use as “sources” whatever Leftist hacks they can find. Nothing matters – so long as their “sources” help to further their efforts to slag non-Leftists.

They care not at all how frequently, how much or how deeply these “sources” have lied. Or how deeply corrupt or conflicted they are. If they speak ill of non-Leftists – their word is reportable gold.

To wit: We’re now receiving much additional information about the patently absurd “Donald Trump-Russia Dossier.” A collection of nonsense that alleged a years-long collusion conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

Which magically found its way to ridiculous BuzzFeed’s electronic pages – not to mention anti-Trump Arizona “Republican” Senator John McCain and the Barack Obama Administration’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Here’s but a bit of what we now know:

The Trump Dossier Is Fake – And Here Are The Reasons Why

Firm Behind Trump Dossier Refuses to Comply with Russia Probe Subpoena

Who Paid for the ‘Trump Dossier’? Democrats Don’t Want You to Find Out

None of which stopped the media and all arms of the DC Swamp – from the outset immediately treating very seriously the asinine dossier. With no mind paid to the veracity of what it said – or from whence it came.

These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

Comey: Private Dossier Containing False Trump Allegations Drove FBI Counterspy Probe

Former FBI Chief Mueller Appointed to Probe Trump-Russia Ties

Report first – ask questions…never. Ready, fire…aim? Nah.

This is, of course, not merely a national problem. It goes all the way down the food chain – and thoroughly out into the hinterlands. No matter where you are – as long as there is a media, there are awful Leftist “sources” being cited as gospel.

Behold Vancouver, Washington – and a tiny, ridiculous publication called The Columbian.

Currently underway up there is a political campaign for a Commissioner seat on the Vancouver Port Authority. Shocker: The Columbian has endorsed the Democrat – Don Orange. Who, it seems…doesn’t even live in the district. And has some shady past financial dealings – including where he during a bankruptcy proceeding may very well have lied to the powers that be.

Despite all of this, The Columbian happily endorsed Orange over Kris Greene. Of course. Because Orange is a Democrat, and Greene is a Republican.

And about Greene – The Columbian is running every flotsam of nonsense on which they can get their ink-stained fingers. No matter how ridiculously dubious the source.

Behold what appears to be their sole source – Robert Sabo.

Start with the fact – that Sabo is a convicted felon: “Sabo’s 1997 conviction for a first-degree felony for robbing Sabo’s father’s Texaco station north of Orchards the year prior….”

Get that? Sabo robbed…his dad. Nice guy.

Bizarrely, Sabo was once doing some work for the Greene campaign. Sabo built the campaign’s initial website. Then…something happened. Suddenly, Sabo was a whirling dervish of acrimony against Greene and Greene’s campaign. It rapidly descended into such craziness – that Greene was forced to file a restraining order against Sabo.

But Hell hath no fury like a Sabo scorned. The restraining order – didn’t restrain Sabo from turning in his rancor to The Columbian. And despite Sabo’s sordid and obviously conflicted past – The Columbian was more than thrilled to print anything Sabo had to say about Greene.

A crucial issue in this campaign – is a lease with the Port Authority for a prospective domestic oil export terminal for Vancouver Energy. Uh oh – OIL. The Port Authority holds sway over the oil terminal lease – while Washington state makes the determination on whether on not the terminal can actually begin being a terminal.

Vancouver Energy initially signed the lease…in 2013. (Why it’s taking Washington state four years and counting to render its decision – is a whole other government issue.)

Even if the state okays the terminal – the Port Authority can still vote to terminate the lease. Thus rendering the state’s decision- and the terminal – moot.

The Port Authority is made up of three commissioners. Commissioner Brian Wolfe is for the lease – but he’s the one leaving, hence the Greene-Orange race. Commissioner Jerry Oliver is also for the lease. Commissioner Eric LaBrant is a nay.

Which leaves the swing vote – to the winner of this race. Greene is for the lease. Orange is against. So – shocker – The Columbianendorsed Orange.

And scorned ex-Greene campaign staffer Sabo is peddling The Columbian Greene info – so that The Columbian can write piece after ridiculous piece against Greene.

The Columbian – readily admits that the oil terminal is the key issue. To the race – and to them:

“This race is largely a referendum upon a proposed oil terminal at the port, and Orange wisely opposes what would be North America’s largest rail-to-marine oil facility. In the coming months, commissioners will have an opportunity to cancel the lease….Orange lands on the appropriate side of the terminal discussion….The Columbian editorially opposes construction of the terminal….”

And there you have it.

A very common political phrase – most frequently ascribed to the late Democrat Tip O’Neill – is “All politics is local.”

So too are political issues. Like oil and its transport.

Like whether or not The Columbian – the vast majority of whose employees I am quite sure own oil-fueled cars – will support another conduit of easy transport of said substance. Or whether they’ll drive to work – to then play the very hypocritical “Not In My Back Yard” card.

Like whether or not The Columbian will exert any effort at all in checking into the very sordid and conflicted backgrounds of its sources. Or will it ignore the glaringly obvious – so long as said sources are slagging the non-Leftists The Columbian seeks to slag.

On that last raft of inanity – the local The Columbian is being so very national-media-Trump-Dossier.

[Originally Published at RedState]