Leadership Changes at The Heartland Institute

Published June 7, 2019

Earlier this week, Tim Huelskamp resigned as President of The Heartland Institute and the Board elected Director of Communications Jim Lakely as Interim President. The Board also elected other new officers and approved several new hires and changes to our organizational chart that will boost our productivity and impact in several key areas including research, development, and marketing.

Kevin Fitzgerald was elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He previously worked as Heartland’s art director, left to take an opportunity in corporate management, and returned as executive vice president before leaving once again to launch a branding and web development service for up-and-coming businesses in the management and data analytics sectors.

Wanda Davis was promoted to Executive Vice President, and in that role she will oversee day-to-day management of Heartland’s seven departments.

David Hoyt will join Heartland next week as Executive Director of Development, allowing Gwendayln Carver to move to her new position as Marketing Director.

Justin Haskins has been promoted to Editorial Director, and he and Ed Hudgins are overseeing Heartland’s newly energized research department. Lennie Jarratt was also recently appointed interim Director of Government Relations.

If you have any questions, email Jim Lakely at [email protected].