Legislators Refuse to Cut Spending

Published April 8, 2010

The strain due to the recession has left Hawaii scrambling to overcome its budget shortfalls (“Taxing Bills Gain Momentum,” Star-Bulletin, April 7). However, it appears the Legislature is opting to raise taxes instead of tackling meaningful budgetary reform.

Tax increases will make it more difficult to attract conventions, conferences, trade shows and other events to the local economy. The increased tax burden on products such as tobacco and alcohol will fall most heavily on lower- and middle- income people in Hawaii.

Because the Legislature refuses to explore meaningful cost-cutting solutions, there’s no way these taxes will expire in five years, as promised. The proposal to raid the Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund without guarantee of repayment shows the tax-increasers’ true colors.

This blatant display of fiscal irresponsibility should make all in Hawaii weary of any new “temporary” taxes.

Timothy Golden
The Heartland Institute Chicago