Lockdowns: What’s Performed Better? Government – Or Internet?

Published November 23, 2020

Everything Big Government everywhere has insisted we do in response to the China Virus – is antithetical to everything we know in the science of virology.

Big Government forcing us to hide from a virus – under our beds at home, wearing completely ineffective masks, etc – doesn’t make the virus go away.  It will still be here when we decide to stop being idiots and return to regularity.

Democrats are doing to the China Virus – what they did to the Great Depression.  Elongating and deepening the national suffering with mass, senseless, spasmodic government actions.

The only way to get through these respective problems – was/is straight through these respective problems.  With the China Virus – with any virus – that means herd immunity:

“Herd immunity, or community immunity, is when a large part of the population of an area is immune to a specific disease. If enough people are resistant to the cause of a disease, such as a virus or bacteria, it has nowhere to go.

“While not every single individual may be immune, the group as a whole has protection. This is because there are fewer high-risk people overall. The infection rates drop, and the disease peters out.

“Herd immunity protects at-risk populations. These include babies and those whose immune systems are weak and can’t get resistance on their own.”

At-risk populations?

CDC Data Shows High Virus Survival Rate: 99%-Plus for Ages 69 and Younger, 94.6% for Older

Governments have spent the last eight months murdering what was likely the best economy in US history – in the name of a disease from which almost everyone recovers.

Here’s a thought – that’s actually Constitutional:

If you’re at-risk – you can, if you wish, stay home and/or wear a mask.  While the rest of us go out and kill the virus for you.

In fact, the more hyperactive a government has been in the name of the virus – the worse that part of the country has done with the virus.

Cuomo‘s COVID-19 Panic Killed Thousands In Nursing Homes

NYC Dead Stay in Freezer Trucks Set Up During Spring Covid-19 Surge

Andrew Cuomo: ‘This Virus Came From Europe’ Not China

That’s NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Who will win an Emmy for being so good at this China Virus thing.  Big Entertainment – excellent at telling tale tales – insists on defending Big Government when doing the same.

COVID-19 Death Rates Reveal the States that Failed the Test: New York and New Jersey

Here’s some more morbid bemusement.  Big Media has throughout also attempted to defend Big Government.

Coronavirus: Californias COVID-19 Deaths Continue to Plummet – October 14, 2020


Coronavirus: Deaths Rise as California Records Another Near-Record for New Cases of COVID-19 – November 20, 2020

Do Big Government Lockdown figures lock down themselves – as they do us?  Heavens no.

Photos Show Unmasked Gavin Newsom Attending French Laundry Dinner

Pelosi Used Shuttered San Francisco Hair Salon for Blow-Out, Owner Calls It ‘Slap in the Face’

Chicago Mayor‘s Lockdown Orders Criticized After She Joined Biden Celebration Crowd

If you hadn’t taken the time necessary (about three minutes) to get up to speed on virology to know that what Big Government is doing about the virus is inordinately stupid?

You can with moral certitude know it is inordinately stupid – because the Big Government people doing it to us aren’t doing it themselves.

Remember this from the flick Erin Brockovich – where she is helping sue a power company for poisoning the town of Hinkley, California?  While meeting with opposing counsel….:

“We had that water brought in special for you folks.  Came from a well in Hinkley.”

In the movie, no opposing counsel drank a drop.

In what now passes for real life, Big Government China Virus Lockdown clowns are guzzling theirs like its Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani ($60,000 per 750 ml).

Oh: And, of course, all these Big Government Lockdown types – want to lock down the Internet exactly as they have We the Sheeple.

For the exact same reason:

We the Sheeple aren’t supposed to be free to say and do what we wish.

Biden COVID-19 Adviser: Bring On the Lockdowns

Biden Calls for National Mask Mandate


Biden’s Grand Plan for the Internet: Restore Net Neutrality, Create Municipal Broadband

But has been proven for…ten thousand years of human history – government “grand plans” always turn out to be TERRIBLE.

Five-Year Plans for the National Economy of the Soviet Union:

“(A) series of nationwide centralized economic plans in the Soviet Union, beginning in the late 1920s. The Soviet state planning committee Gosplan developed these plans based on the theory of the productive forces that formed part of the ideology of the Communist Party for development of the Soviet economy. Fulfilling the current plan became the watchword of Soviet bureaucracy.”

Meanwhile, during the lockdowns – how has our pretty-much-government-free private sector Internet performed?

Big Media was setting the table – to assault the private Internet were it to fail even a little.

The Coronavirus Is Creating an ‘Enormous Stress Test’ of America’s Internet – March 17, 2020

Some of us weren’t worried.

Coronavirus: Nation‘s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake – March 17, 2020

And almost immediately, we were proven correct.

China Virus Lockdown Proves US Internet is Better, Stronger and Faster Than Europe‘s – March 24, 2020

And why were we correct?

China Virus Breaks Europe‘s Internet – Not the US‘s. Why? Uber-Regs Like Net Neutrality – March 31, 2020

Our Internet is far less afflicted with Big Government.

The exact sort of Big Government the Big Government Lockdown clowns are looking to impose.

Oh: And “municipal broadband” – is government-run broadband.  And this idiotically incorrect headline to the contrary – there’s already been a whole lot of it…attempted.  And how has that been going?

Broadband Boondoggles:

“For decades, local governments have made promises of faster and cheaper broadband networks. Unfortunately, these municipal networks often don’t deliver or fail, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Explore the map to learn about the massive debt, waste and broken promises left behind by these failed government networks.”

Shutdowns Yet Again Demonstrate: Our Internet Works – and States’ Big Government Doesn‘t

So in conclusion, since the China Virus arrived upon our shores:

Big Government has murdered a $22 trillion economy.  By forcing everyone to stay at home.  In direct opposition to everything we know from science.

Which forced everyone to use our private sector Internet orders-of-magnitude more than ever before.

And our private sector Internet has responded brilliantly.  Seamlessly allowing all of us to do…everything we have attempted to do online.

And Big Government’s response to all of this?

They want to make the Internet – look MUCH more like Big Government.

Which – like with the China Virus – is exactly the opposite of what should happen.

[Originally posted on RedState]