Malaria Declining Despite Alarmist Climate Claims

Published October 4, 2011

Malaria cases are declining in Africa and globally despite the gradual increase in global temperatures, Anthony Watts explains in a new post on his meteorology/climate change website Watts Up With That? The decline in malaria cases is yet another instance of science and real-world facts contradicting global warming alarmism.

A deadly rise in malaria cases is often forecast by alarmists as an imminent threat of global warming. In particular, alarmists often play the “Western guilt” card by claiming the poorest people in the poorest of nations will suffer the most from a malaria epidemic. Hardest hit of all will be people in African highlands who presently are protected from malaria by the altitude and related cool temperatures of their region, the alarmists claim.

Watts reports that a new study in the science journal PLoS One notes that after more than a decade of rising temperatures in East Africa, the occurrence of malaria in the region has plummeted. “That’s right, despite rising temperature, malaria cases have bottomed out to historically low levels,” Watts explained.

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