Nevada Senate Approves ESA Program

Published May 28, 2015

Nevada is a step closer to enacting the first universal education savings account program in the nation. On May 27, the state Senate passed a bill to create universal education savings accounts (ESAs) for students to attend private schools, according to a report in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Senate Bill 302 would grant low-income and special needs students 100 percent of their state per-pupil funds. All other students could receive up to 90 percent. The vote in the Senate divided along party lines, with Democrats in opposition. If SB302 becomes law it would mean most students opted out of traditional public schools and into the ESA program would receive about $5,000 in funding.

The bill still needs to pass in the Assembly and the signature of Gov. Brian Sandoval before becoming law.   

Chris Neal ([email protected]) writes from New York, New York. 

Image by Ilmicrofono Oggiono.