No Common Core Repeal in LA, Congress Votes on Charters, and More: Friday’s ed news

Published May 9, 2014

Friday’s ed news

LOUISIANA: The Senate votes down a repeal of Common Core.

CHARTERS: Congress considers a bill to spend more on charter schools

POETRY: Why you should forget Google and memorize poems.

OKLAHOMA: Technical problems again plague state tests

OHIO: A company refuses to hire a homeschooled graduate, charging that his lack of a state diploma makes him unqualified, despite his several college credits and industry certifications.

STUDENT LOANS: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to give more taxpayer money to people who contracted college debt. 


Thursday’s ed news

FLORIDA: As school choice matures in a state, it has two struggles: Expansion and regulation.

NAEP: On the latest results from the Nation’s Report Card, twelfth graders still haven’t improved in more than 20 years, and achievement gaps have also barely budged. 

INDIANA: The Obama administration is about to get extremely pushy with states, which is likely to generate a long-lasting backlash. 

ARIZONA: As other states with highly regulated choice programs start to have more demand than supply, Arizona has nearly 100 percent participation in its lightly regulated choice program.

GEORGIA: School choice opponents file a lawsuit against the state’s tax-credit scholarships.

STUDENT LOANS: The higher education bubble has started to pop, says Richard Vedder. 


Wednesday’s ed news

INDIANA: In Tuesday’s primary, two anti-Common Core challengers beat sitting state representatives. 

CALIFORNIA: A teacher-union-sponsored bill threatens charter schools

COMMON CORE: A testing company files suit against the winner of a Common Core testing contract, saying the process was unfair and represents crony capitalism.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: There’s no evidence entrepreneurship education programs have any benefits


Tuesday’s ed news

NEW YORK: The state makes it easier to open charter schools.

OHIO: A state investigation finds Columbus schools pushed out struggling students.

NORTH CAROLINA: Lawmakers put a hold on a bill to create statewide open enrollment.

MISSOURI: Small-town voters support school choice. So why don’t their representatives?

SCHOOL LUNCH: Schools ask the feds to loosen Michelle Obama’s madcap school lunch regulations.

ASIANS: A study finds Americans of Asian ancestry do better in school because they work harder

PENNSYLVANIA: A school struggles to increase the number of students taking and passing Advanced Placement classes, as part of a nationwide experiment. 

COMMON CORE: Two new polls about Cpmmon Core have come out, and one was funded by its biggest proponent.


Monday’s ed news

FLORIDA: The legislature has sent a bill to the governor that would expand its most popular school choice program and introduce another.

SOUTH CAROLINA: The Senate passes a bill to scrap Common Core.

INDIANA: The Obama administration puts the state on notice to provide proof its new standards are better than Common Core or face a loss of federal funds.

NEW YORK: Charter schools must turn away 50,000 applicants for lack of room. 

OKLAHOMA: It looks likely the state will repeal and replace Common Core, but with what?

TESTING: Why computers can’t grade essays.

LIBERAL ARTS: Why even plumbers deserve to read Plato and think through life’s biggest questions.


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