Obamacare Yet Again Shows: More Government Means a Worse Private Sector

Published November 11, 2013

The lies about ObamaCare from the Administration and the Democrats are now being revealed in a fast and furious fashion.  The most famous of course is: 

If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.  Period

Which on a daily basis is shown to be more and more untrue.

Expert: At Least 129 Million Will ‘Not Be Able to Keep’ Health Care Plan If ObamaCare Fully Implemented

The reason for this coverage hemorrhage is – more government.  More government mandates and regulations are constricting the private health insurance sector into blue-faced oblivion – and squeezing more and more people out of their coverage.

These government regs are canceling insurance – and making it much more expensive.  Which was another President Obama and Democrat lie.

Obama Promises To Lower Health Insurance Premiums for Family of Four by $2,500 Per Year 

Again, not so much.

ObamaCare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four 

Obamacare Increases Premiums for Men 99%, 62% for Women

Just released were the slightly-less-pathetic-than-Obama-Normal October jobs numbers.  Which undid another Leftist lie – that the half-month government ever-so-partial-shutdown would be detrimental to the economy.

More Jobs Than Expected Added

The government being slightly-closed for the first half resulted in one of the best jobs months in five Obama years.  But let’s not get too excited.

Businesses Hire Up to Deal With More Regs

Hiring paper pushers in the nation’s Government Compliance Departments is just about the biggest waste of time, money and effort there is.  Wonder why things get more and more expensive, and less and less effective?  Because our nation’s innovators are forced with ever greater regularity and intensity to deal with government.

Red Tape Rises Again: Cost of Regulation Reaches $1.75 Trillion

That was way back in 2010 – before ObamaCare (and the rest of the Obama Fiat agenda) really began kicking in.

Average 68 New Regulations Per Day From Obama Administration

Time, money and effort are finite resources – the more government consumes, the less there is for everyone and everything else.

So why is the Left so completely befuddled by the effects of the government’s illegal, all-encompassing Internet power grab Network Neutrality?

Eight Ways the Internet Will Suffer if Net Neutrality Is Killed

Really?  Let’s look at some of the ways this is supposedly so.

1. It’ll be more expensive

Yes, because as ObamaCare has yet again demonstrated, Big Government regulations dramatically lower costs.

3. Service will be worse, unless you’re willing to pay

Yes, because as ObamaCare – and its website – have yet again demonstrated, greater government involvement is a tremendous boost to service.  Like the Post Office.  Or the DMV.  More government means worse service – and higher prices anyway.

4. There will be less innovation

Net Neutrality is basically the government regulating the Internet the way it has for seventy-plus years the landline telephone.  You know – that bastion of innovation.  (At least we’re no longer rotary dialing or having to ring Sarah Andy Griffith-style.)

6. …BitTorrent sites will suffer

You mean sites that steal music and movies and then sell them?  Shouldn’t the government – law enforcement specifically – be causing them to suffer?

8. It’ll be censored

Ok, this is just whiplash-inducing.  Government is the only named censor in the Constitution:

Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.…

So how will undoing the sole censor’s Internet power grab – lead to the Internet being censored?  Isn’t it in fact preempting censorship?

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality – And the Internet as We Know It

If We Lose Net Neutrality, We Lose the Internet

The hysteria of the pro-government-control Left is palpable.  Because the Internet pre-Obama Administration was a virtual government-free zone – and Leftists have been looking for decades for a regulatory hook to being reeling it in.

They are caterwauling so loudly about Net Neutrality – because it is said hook.

Keep in mind that the Internet as we know it has existed since the early-to-mid 1990s – and the government didn’t execute its Net Neutrality power grab until December 2010.

None of the things the Left fears post-Net Neutrality ever happened in the two-plus decades pre-Net Neutrality – it instead became the free speech-free market Xanadu we all know and love.

Of course we have always had “net neutrality” – because it makes zero business sense for an Internet service provider to block its customers’ access to what they want on the Web.  And we will always have it – because it will never make sense for a company to not give its customers what they want.

What we didn’t have was an over-arching, over-reaching government regulatory superstructure Network Neutrality – which we do not need, but the Big Government Leftists have long wanted.

We passed ObamaCare – another longtime Leftist wish list item – to find out what is in it. How’s that working?  Of course it needs to go.

Net Neutrality should also be undone – before it does to the Internet and the entire economy what ObamaCare is doing to health care and beyond.

[Originally published on Human Events]