On the Next Health Policy Call: John Stossel

Published September 16, 2009

Please join us on Friday, September 18 for the next Health Policy Network conference call, jointly sponsored by Consumers for Health Care Choices at The Heartland Institute, the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, and State Policy Network.

Former ABC News reporter and new Fox News correspondent John Stossel will be the sole presenter

No reporter has done more than award-winning journalist John Stossel to understand the array of issues and complexities involved in health care reform and then try to synthesize that information for the public.

On this call Mr. Stossel, who will be moving to Fox News and the Fox Business Network next month, will talk about some of the things he’s gleaned from his efforts to cover health care reform and discuss the media’s role, and challenges they face in trying to educate the public about those issues. And he will take your questions.

DATE: Friday, September 18, 2009

TIME: 12:00 noon Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific

Participation in Health Policy Network calls is by invitation only, for persons who contribute $100 more to Consumers for Health Care Choices. For more information, contact Greg Scandlen or Robin Knox.