• Simply Reforming the Income Tax

    Published October 25, 1995
    Opinion -
    Congress finally seems ready to face the fact that the U.S. tax system needs serious reform. Income tax rates are oppressively high and filing is tortuously complicated. The battle cry of tax reformers is "fairness, economic growth, and simplicity.
  • Congress Should End the Economic War for Sports and Other Businesses

    Published October 24, 1995
    Opinion -
    To find a solution to NFL franchises hopscotching around the country, the Antitrust Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings to consider granting the NFL a limited antitrust exemption so it could prevent teams from moving.
  • Breast Cancer: Let’s Look at the Facts

    Published October 20, 1995
    Opinion -
    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to learn more about the disease that strikes more than 180,000 women each year. Greater public awareness is an essential part of efforts to reduce the incidence and morbidity of this disease.
  • Killing Consumers With Compassion

    Published October 13, 1995
    Opinion -
    The week of October 22-28 is National Consumers Week. Various business and civic groups, led by the U.S.
  • Indiana Legislature Stands Up to Teacher Unions

    Published October 6, 1995
    Opinion -
    In the 35 years since Wisconsin became the first state to adopt public-sector bargaining, public employee union membership has increased dramatically.
  • Escape from the Public Schools

    Published September 1, 1995
    Opinion -
    When I debated Keith Geiger, president of the National Education Association, a couple of years ago on the Larry King radio show, he used a verb that I thought epitomized the battle over school choice: escape.
  • Fishy Business at the Worldwatch Institute

    Published August 24, 1995
    Opinion -
    The Worldwatch Institute, founded in 1974, is one of the country's best-known environmental groups. Its president, Lester Brown, is often quoted in the press and on television.
  • Are Property Rights Facing Extinction?

    Published August 17, 1995
    Opinion -
    On June 29, 1995, the United States Supreme Court upheld a government regulation that purports to protect endangered species. But what the Court really did was validate the government's continued taking of millions of acres of private land as "habitat.
  • Five Ways to Downsize Government

    Published August 4, 1995
    Opinion -
    As Congress grapples with the challenge of downsizing or eliminating bureaucracies that haven't been critically reexamined for many decades, its Members would do well to consider some of the lessons learned by the businessmen and -women who made their
  • Environmentalism: A New Religion?

    Published July 27, 1995
    Opinion -
    As humanity enters the twenty-first century, you might think we would have outgrown our fascination with doomsday prophecies. Yet the end-of-the world con game -- nearly as old as the world itself -- goes on.
  • Getting More Bang for our Education Buck

    Published July 27, 1995
    Opinion -
    The United States now spends more per student on public elementary and secondary education than any other advanced country belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
  • Educator Booker T. Washington: Learning, Teaching that Success Comes from Hard Work

    Published July 25, 1995
    Opinion -
    His is a truly American story. In 1881, Booker T. Washington founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Alabama. From there he would rise to become the most powerful black man in America. But Washington’s roots were humble.
  • Improve Traffic Safety: Repeal Federal Speed Limits

    Published July 7, 1995
    Opinion -
    The Senate recently voted to repeal the federally mandated 55 mph speed limit. If the House approves the measure and the president signs it--both of which are likely--then a national speed limit will be a thing of the past.
  • We Spend Too Much on Education, and Get Too Little

    Published July 7, 1995
    Opinion -
    Why does the world's most productive country have the world's least productive school system? The U.S.
  • The High Cost of Rationing Literacy

    Published June 29, 1995
    Opinion -
    The most recent National Assessment of Education Progress reading test reports that 30 percent of high school seniors, 31 percent of eighth graders, and 42 percent of fourth graders couldn't reach "basic" reading levels.
  • Medical Savings Accounts: Power to the People

    Published June 26, 1995
    Opinion -
    In offering his health care reform plan last year, President Clinton said that one of his primary goals, in addition to universal coverage, was to control rapidly rising health costs.
  • Term Limits: Not Over By a Long Shot

    Published June 14, 1995
    Opinion -
    Former House Speaker Tom Foley convened a press conference to announce his vindication after the Supreme Court's ruling that state-imposed term limits were unconstitutional.
  • The Battle within the Environmental Movement

    Published June 9, 1995
    Opinion -
    The nation's biggest environmental groups are stuffing the nation's mailboxes (and its landfills) with fundraising letters claiming that "greedy special interest groups" are out to "repeal twenty years of environmental protection regulation.
  • Lessons Must Be Learned from Voucher Bill Defeat

    Published June 8, 1995
    Opinion -
    "Too much of what ultimately matters in a child s education is decided on the basis of political muscle by groups whose primary interest is not necessarily the child.
  • Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

    Published May 26, 1995
    Opinion -
    The April 19th terrorist bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City dramatically changed the debate over limiting the size and power of the federal government.
  • Adoption Agency Discrimination Must Stop

    Published May 12, 1995
    Opinion -
    Advocates of welfare reform and affirmative action ought to take a long look at the current state of interracial adoption in the United States.
  • A Tale of Two Countries

    Published May 5, 1995
    Opinion -
    The Sierra Club, one of the nation's largest environmental organizations, not long ago ran a full- page ad in The New York Times deploring "the growing distance between the politicians on Capitol Hill and the rest of us.
  • The Future of Civil Rights in America

    Published May 5, 1995
    Opinion -
    The Clinton administration has set its civil rights policies on a radical course permeated by race-consciousness, brazenly breaking candidate Bill Clinton's "new Democrat" assurances that he would pursue a politics of moderation and healing.
  • ‘The Solution’ to Public Education Woes

    Published April 28, 1995
    Opinion -
    I recently received a letter from the former superintendent of a public school system in Illinois.

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