Part 1: Is the Nation Our Forefathers Gave Us Slipping Away?

Published July 27, 2017

President Barack Obama publicly stated:

Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation – at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.

The President’s statement seems to indicate a change has happened in America. However, the facts indicate the President misspoke, as they do not verify his claim when one considers the percentage of each of these religions in the United States are compared to the vast majority who identify as Christian.

While some found Obama’s statement shocking, others perceived it as a wake-up call and confirmation that our Immigration officials have not been adequately enforcing our immigration laws for decades.  We really do not know the total number of immigrants in our Country, because our borders have not been secure for decades. This is concerning! Like most every other country in the World, the United States has laws and specific conditions, limits, and policies regarding immigration to protect our citizens. The obvious goal is for the United States to benefit from immigration and not be adversely changed or harmed by it.  However, for the last few decades our government has not made that goal the priority.  Neither has it been a priority to track and remove many thousands of foreigners who are in the United States on expired visas or even remove those here illegally who have committed crimes.

California is an example of a state that continues to completely ignore our established immigration laws. The most glaring example of how this can harm citizens is the devastating story of Kate Steinle, a 32 year old beautiful young woman who was randomly shot and killed in San Francisco as she walked with her dad and a friend on the pier. Her premature death by an illegal who as a 7-time felon should not have been in the United States was outrageous. Instead of learning from this horrendous incident, California officials are in the process of making California a sanctuary state demonstrating a complete disrespect for federal laws, encouraging others to break immigration laws, and quite frankly defying common sense.

A false statement by Obama about this nation

President Obama’s statement was blatantly wrong about America.  We have been and continue to be a Christian nation.  It should concern us that President Obama used his position as president to make such a statement, because it was his job to protect our amazing heritage and that includes our important demographics.  Certainly we know that America’s immigration procedures have become too lax.  We have been admitting people who have no intention of assimilating.  This is of utmost concern, because this practice does have the potential to change our nation’s demographics; yet, the media and many Democrat leaders seem to be underplaying or ignoring this potential problem.  We need to ask why!

Controlled Immigration is advantageous, as proven by most American citizens who can trace their roots to ancestors who migrated to the United States and who became outstanding American citizens.  They made it a priority to embrace our culture, which included obeying our laws and some even embraced our well-established Christian religion.  Americans welcomed these immigrants, who then contributed to America in a myriad of ways, but there is overwhelming proof that we no longer are holding fast to these historic principles and practices.  The current lack of a serious vetting process, our porous and unprotected borders, and the lack of deporting those whose visas have expired, must not be brushed aside.

Unprecedented numbers of immigrants from foreign countries with very different religions and cultures have been allowed into our nation. Whether they arrived legally or illegally, many of these foreigners have shown little or no intention of assimilating.  This is especially true of many in the Muslim faith because their religion, Sharia law, has definite mandates that demand they behave in certain ways, which are in opposition to our Christian heritage and our own laws and customs.

This is a problem all Americans should take very seriously, because it opposes the basic criteria our forefathers wisely provided.  They knew uncontrolled immigration would jeopardize our people, our customs, our prosperity, and ultimately raises the possibility of losing the nation perceived by our forefathers.

Middle Eastern refugees and their difficulty in assimilating

Of particular concern is the unprecedented millions of Muslim immigrants who have come from the Middle East, including Syrian refugees, who have not made the same attempts as others to assimilate since their arrival. They tend to stay together in specific communities, which is understandable, but a considerable number even refuse to speak English or make any significant attempt to assimilate.

This is largely due to their Muslim religion which encompasses rules for most every aspect of a Muslim’s lives, most of which are foreign to America.  Accordingly, this makes it highly improbable that many of them will ever be Americanized.

There are media sources that disagree with the idea that most Muslims are intentionally not assimilating, but according to Linda Sarsour, an outspoken Muslim leader and a rising star among progressive Democrats, not assimilating into American society should be the goal of every Muslim. This notion is incredulous!  She has publicly warned Muslim immigrants not to conform to our culture based on Muslim religious beliefs, and she is not alone with that message.  Why would we want to open our doors to those who believe in honor killings, female genital mutilation, and men who demean women, including their wives.

Why did Liberal Democrats and media sources applaud those who prevented President Trump from prudently securing our borders from those living in terrorist countries?   Are they not concerned about warnings telling how unvetted Muslim immigrants from some of the most dangerous places in the World may be among these new immigrants?  This is not a game… it is not even about principles. It is about protecting Americans from foreigners who may intend to harm us. Most Americans find the safety of our citizens the more important issue.

Spotlighting Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan

It should be noted that since President Trump called attention to this immigration problem, the Liberal media began releasing articles claiming Muslims do assimilate.  While some surely do, American citizen living among a large population of new Muslim immigrants would certainly disagree, especially those who live in either Dearborn or Hamtramck, Michigan.  Spend a day in Dearborn, or just check out this short video of a drive through Dearborn, and witness this for yourself.  You also might find this Hamtramck, Michigan resident’s comments about the Muslim population in her city worth hearing.

Many immigrants are quick to take our charity once they arrive in America.  It has been reported that 90% of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps and almost 70% on cash welfare.  Perhaps that is because in 2015 there were 132,141 Food Assistant Program recipients and 2 million Family Independence Program Recipients in just Michigan alone. The state also has a food assistance program funded by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, about 51% of immigrant-led households receive welfare benefits, compared to 30% for native-led households. Minnesota spent more than $180 million in its state with federal dollars for cash, food and medical assistance for refugees in 2015, the most recent period available.  That is up 15 percent from five years ago and thus these costs can be expected to rise.

Wayne County, Michigan, the location of Dearborn with the largest number of Muslim immigrants of any city in this nation, also has the highest number of recipients for both of these welfare assistant programs.  The Koran encourages Muslims to collect jizya – blood tax – from kafirs (the non-Muslims), and thus welfare is looked upon as jizya.  Collecting money from non-Muslims is considered a right and legal entitlement, dictated by their Muslim beliefs, since the kafir indicates they are entitled to any land by the Koran.  Why then would they assimilate in any nation when their belief system dictates they are entitled to all land (or laws of their own anywhere)?, meaning their presence on a land or country of their own is a “theft” of “occupation” of what should be Muslim land.”  Why would they want to assimilate when their religion dictates they own all land.

Hamtramck, Michigan is another example of a city which has been overtaken by foreign immigrants.  It was once home to Polish Catholics and an auto manufacturing plant that employed 45,000 workers.  Today it is a much smaller community, more than half of which is Muslim, and the only American town with a Muslim-majority city council.  Not only have jobs disappeared, but residents also complain that the Muslim “daily call to prayer” several times each day is loud and disturbing.  Summarily, some citizens have complained that Muslims not only are not assimilating, but they have actually taken over the town. The media chooses to leave all the negative comments from these people out of its publications, while it allows Democrat politicians to make glowing comments about Hamtramck.

Trump’s travel ban questioned

While this may be astounding information for most Americans, it seems reasonable to assume our government is well aware of these facts.  Our new President, Donald Trump, seems to understand this problem and its repercussions on the American public.  Unfortunately, there are people in positions of power who have political reasons to be critical of the President and use immigration issues to attack him and his Party for their own political and self-serving interests.

Many believe Trump was elected because he was not part of the establishment which often is not in alignment with the general public on issues. Voters saw him as someone with common sense rather than a sense for what is politically correct. An example was Trumps’ attempt to stop allowing immigrants into the United States from specific countries known for having, if not harboring, terrorists, such as Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  His common sense approach was to deny entry until a credible way could be established to gain more background information about each applicant. Reasonable people understand the wisdom of this protection and wonder why the safety of American citizens is not the first priority of every official and media source.

Even now the Supreme Court of the U.S. fails to recognize the importance of limiting refugees from countries that were named by Trump, and by Obama when president, where information is not available for properly vetting refugees.  The Supreme Court on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, upheld a federal court judge’s order expanding the number of immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations who can enter the country under President Trump’s temporary travel ban. That means federal District Judge Derrick Watson’s decision allowing more distant relatives, such as grandparents, to enter the U.S. under the travel ban will stand for the time being.

[Originally Published at Western Free Press]