President Bush Names Heartland Chairman to National Board

Published November 21, 2003

CHICAGO: NOVEMBER 21, 2003: President George W. Bush has appointed Dr. Herbert J. Walberg, chairman of the Board of Directors of The Heartland Institute, to the National Board for Education Sciences.

The National Board for Education Sciences was established in 2002 to oversee research, data collection and evaluation, and dissemination of information. It has 15 members, all appointed by the President to two-year terms.

Dr. Walberg is one of the country’s most widely recognized and respected experts on school reform, having edited or written some 55 books and 350 articles in scholarly journals. He has served on the Board of Directors of The Heartland Institute since 1993, and as chairman of the board since 1995. He recently coauthored two books?Education and Capitalism and Let’s Put Parents Back in Charge!–with the president of The Heartland Institute, Joseph Bast.

The Heartland Institute is a 19-year-old national nonprofit organization based in Chicago. It publishes four monthly public policy newspapers addressing education, environment, health care, and tax and budget issues. Among state elected officials, Heartland is the best known and most highly regarded “think tank” in the nation.

For more information about Dr. Walberg or The Heartland Institute, call 312/377-4000 or visit Heartland’s Web site at The press release from the White House announcing the appointment may be viewed at

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