Republicans Choosing Environmental Extremist?

Published October 20, 2011

Are Republican primary voters poised to choose a candidate more environmentally radical than Barack Obama, wonders Washington Examiner op-ed contributor Douglas MacKinnon. MacKinnon pointed out yesterday that as governor of Massachusettts, Mitt Romney implemented the nation’s first cap-and-trade restrictions on carbon dioxide and the toughest coal power plant restrictions in the nation. Romney also gave Obama science czar John Holdren his first experience crafting economy-killing environmental restrictions, bringing in Holdren as a key consultant in devising the Massachusetts cap-and-trade restrictions. 

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney also appointed Gina McCarthy to a key oversight position in his environmental team. McCarthy now serves in the Obama EPA, writing and implementing the avalanche of new restrictions on power plant emissions that are driving up electricity prices across the nation.

“[D]o Republican primary voters really want the person who the out-of-control job and freedom killing Obama EPA looked to for some of its most draconian ideas?” asked MacKinnon.

We will find out soon. The first Republican primary elections are less than three months away.