Research on the Economics of Sports Stadiums

Published July 1, 2005

“Sports Stadium Madness: Why It Started, How to Stop It”
Joseph L. Bast
February 1998

“Should Congress Stop the Bidding War for Sports Franchises?”
(Congressional testimony in four volumes)
August 1996
Volume 1: Federal Policymakers
Volume 2: League Commissioners
Volume 3: Municipal Authorities
Volume 4: Academics

“Stadiums, Professional Sports, and Economic Development: Assessing the Reality”
Robert A. Baade
Heartland Policy Study No. 62
April 1994

“Should Governments Own Convention Centers?”
Edwin S. Mills
Heartland Policy Study No. 33
January 1991

“Sports Stadiums as Wise Investments”
Dean V. Baim
Heartland Policy Study No. 30
November 1990

“Is There an Economic Rationale for Subsidizing Sports?”
Robert A. Baade
Heartland Policy Study No. 13
February 1987

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