“Save the Whales” CFACT Boats Protest Offshore Wind Construction

Published July 25, 2023

CFACT and local fishermen took to the seas to protest construction of massive offshore wind farms off America’s East Coast.

The New York Post proclaimed that, “the winds of change are blowing.” From The Post:

The coalition, organized by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, sent out three boats to South Fork Wind Farm, roughly 20 miles from both Martha’s Vineyard and Montauk, NY, holding signs that read “STOP WINDMILLS SAVE WHALES” while shouting through a bullhorn at machinery operators to halt construction.

“Since offshore wind operations began in 2016, there is a disturbing number of whales washing up dead on beaches along the Eastern shores, and it is shocking to see how quickly utilities are willing to rush to construct them,” the group’s president, Craig Rucker, told The Post in a statement. “Their motto is almost like, ‘Damn the Whales, full steam ahead.’”

“In addition, these wind farms could wreak havoc on fishermen and their industry by disrupting the ecosystem from which they derive their livelihood,” he said. “We’re calling attention to all this by going on-site to the location of these destructive monstrosities and urging the operators to cease and desist in their reckless mission to deface our Eastern shores.”

The Biden Administration’s rush to spend billions on offshore wind is a colossal mistake.

Federal regulators are blowing right past their watchdog roles without fully understanding the threat wind platforms pose to endangered whales and other precious marine life.  They are blind to the unusual sight of whale carcasses washing up on our beaches.

Massive offshore wind construction is industrializing our unspoiled coast, to the detriment of marine life, fishermen, boaters and all who treasure our oceans.

To top it all off, these monstrosities are short-lived and generate mountains of waste that cannot be recycled.  Their footprint is massively dirty.  In addition, Europe has already proven that wind turbines are a TERRIBLE way to generate electricity!  Wind power is intermittent and inefficient.  When the wind does blow, the capacity to store any power they produce does not exist.

CFACT calls on federal regulators to halt offshore wind construction and fully evaluate the harm offshore wind can cause to whales, marine life, people and our power grid.