Sustainability: The Overly Used Word Intended to Silence Conservatives (Part 1)

Published August 12, 2015

By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O’Neil

The once rarely used word, “sustainability”, has become rather common today, arguably overused by those who want to make changes in our World. provides two meanings for the word:  “1. The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. 2. Environmental Science: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” 

However, the word has morphed into something quite different. The contemporary explanation has been defined by Webster Dictionary as: “One that tends to fair rules, social justice, and reconnects the economy with what is right and just.” 

Do you see the problem with the contemporary definition of “sustainability?” 

It is ambiguous, leaving open the obvious question of who among us decides what is fair, right, and just.  Possibly that is why the term has gained such popularity. It means different things to different people, and thus a solid definition is difficult for the average person to discern, leaving the interpretation open for a political advantage. We are left with more questions than we have answers to the word’s meaning and intent. 

We do know there seems to be a compulsion for overuse, even abuse of the word, as if the word itself is a solution,  rather than a descriptive word identifying what we hope to accomplish.  A perfect example is the debate over climate change. Even though there is a growing controversy as to whether man can either cause or prevent a change in our climate, our President boldly claimed man-made climate change is “established science, and the greatest threat to future generations”, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions. Nevertheless, many scientists have rightly claimed that such a catastrophic threat is simply not true, as evidence clearly shows Earth’s climate is in a perpetual state of change, and has been for thousands of years.

Skepticism began to surface in some circles, when it was discovered that leading Climate scientists were told to cover up the inconvenient fact that according to satellite records, temperatures have not risen in the last 15 years to 18 years and three months. It comes as no surprise that the cover up was under-reported and/or completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Global warming promoters continually connect their claim of global warming with the word “sustainability”, and suddenly everyone is expected to put intelligence and any opposing facts aside to blindly believe the improbable proposition that man has the power to significantly change or control our climate. While we fully understand the need to protect our water ways and Earth from pollution and correct any known pollution problems, we also must fight against any agenda designed to mislead the public in order to serve a specific political purpose. We must not be misled into believing that there is absolute, irreversible proof that man has the power to seriously impact the world’s climate, and use that as an excuse to initiate draconian laws.

What many may not know is there is a growing number of scientists and investigative reporters who have dared to stray from the White House and U.N.’s  politically correct opinion on issues, especially those which claim global warming and/or climate change is man induced. The reason the public is unaware of this, is because the opposing  scientists find it difficult to get their documented research or opinions  published.  Instead, the public is inundated with regurgitated information that aligns with the politically correct viewpoint, and little attention is given to any other opposing scientific evidence or conclusions. 

The Heartland Institute, according to “The Economist”, is “the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change”. It stands in direct contrast to the United Nation’s scientific body, the IPCC  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), whose questionable scientific research forms the basis of the scare tactics being employed by Al Gore, the Obama administration, and members of the United Nations.  See here to view the full Archive of the 10th International Climate Change Conference event organized by the Heartland Institute,  which has hosted ten International Conferences on Climate Change since 2008, the latest in June 2015.

The 10th International Conference on Climate Change attracted some 450 scientists, economists, policy experts, and guests worldwide who were not hesitant to question and conclude that man has little, if any influence upon the climate.

The Public Wants Honesty From Its Leaders

Granted, facts are often boring, but it would be helpful if those of us who yearn for the truth on any and all controversial issues could receive uncensored facts, rather than information meant only to advance a particular goal or political agenda. Maybe that is why Donald Trump, in his quest for the presidency, has become so popular and quickly jumped ahead of all the other 16 Republican candidates. He actually verbalizes what so many of us are thinking, and refuses to blindly follow the politically correct course.

Trumps’ bluster and bluntness is actually refreshing to those who have grown tired of the politically correct “white washing” of any issue that is at all divisive.  That leads to these obvious questions: 1) Why are we so hesitant to state our own opinions on controversial issues?  2) Why do we stay quiet while words like “sustainability” are used to excess, and often used to stop opposing conversations?  These tactics should be identified as a form of bullying opponents into silence.   Unfortunately,  that method has proven to be effective.  

Could the “Donald” have inadvertently started a new trend in politics?  Does his immediate jump in approval ratings testify to a public yearning for open dialogue and blunt speech? Whether the man wins the Republican primary or not, he has opened the door to expose a different style candidate with a radically unusual style of communication that seems to be appealing to many citizens, while resented by the political Washington D.C. “establishment”.  

It seems highly probable that the public’s immediate approval of Trump is sending a message that the public yearns for something that has been foreign in elections for quite some time:  the unfiltered truth!  Voters want more honesty and less politically correct speech.  We are more forgiving of a politician misspeaking on occasion, than those sounding as if every word out of their mouth was first tried and tested by a team of P.C. experts.  We do not want politicians that need or rely upon a teleprompter, but instead those who speak from the heart and believe every word they are saying, and who will honor their promises once elected.  We long for true patriots who will defy the status quo when necessary; who will fight for the people rather than serve self-interests.  It is therefore essential that we not be fooled by fancy words or rhetoric that we find problematic, or buy into words with obscure meanings and a political agenda, such as “sustainability” and the U.N. agendas.  

As the pre-election activities progress, Trump may lose his lead to another Republican candidate who emerges with the gravitas, experience, confidence, and character that people believe will best lead America into the future.  If so, let us hope none forget that people crave honest, open dialogue, and for that we must thank the Donald.  

Our new president must be equipped for a World that holds more surprises and challenges than ever before.  When we find that candidate who best represents our values, let us give him or her all of our support.  That is our responsibility as patriots who love our amazing country and want it to remain “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 

Not unlike the unprecedented number of candidates in the 2016 race for the presidency, each of us must also work hard to protect America, by doing our best to elect the right person to lead us for the next four or eight years.  

Our children and grandchildren are depending upon us to preserve for them what generations before have given us: freedom, security from our enemies, a sound economy, and laws based on the values and principles of our forefathers.  Above all, please do not just vote and feel you have “done your civic duty”.  It has never been more important or essential that we all vote wisely, if we are to bring our nation back to a comfortable, solid place that would rate approval from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many other brave, bright, honest presidents who contributed to America’s prosperity.            

Part 2 will deal with “sustainability in education” and what will be the outcome is allowed to continue for the future of our nation.

[Originally published at Illinois Review]