Tenth International Conference on Climate Change a Smashing Success

Published June 23, 2015

Climate Change Weekly #176

The two-day international climate conference hosted by The Heartland Institute on June 11–12 in Washington, DC featured more than 40 scientists, economists, and public policy experts who shared the most up-to-date information on topics related to climate. The list of outstanding conference speakers included U.S. Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), columnist Mark Steyn, Lord Christopher Monckton, Weather Channel founder John Coleman, and award-winning Princeton University physicist Will Happer.

Nearly 400 people attended the conference, and thousands more worldwide viewed at least some of the sessions via the live stream. The conference had international representation, including speakers and attendees from Canada, China, Germany, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Switzerland, Malaysia, the Navajo Nation, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Among the dozens of media attending were members of the press from Germany and Sweden.

State legislators from across the country attended the conference, including representatives and senators from Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Inhofe was presented with the 2015 Political Leadership on Climate Change Award and delivered the opening breakfast keynote speech. He cited former MIT scientist Richard Lindzen, saying, “if you regulate carbon, you regulate life – you control life and this is what bureaucrats do.”

Like Inhofe, Smith has been a leader in the battle to improve the science used to shape public policy. He delivered the June 11 luncheon keynote address, discussing congressional efforts to force EPA to make public the scientific data used to shape energy and environment regulations.

On the Right Climate Stuff panel, comprised of former NASA astronauts and scientists, former Apollo pilot physicist Walt Cunningham said the climate change industry is a “political movement disguised as science” that will soon fizzle out as facts accumulate to such a degree the scientific community, media, and politicians will be unable to ignore evidence that climate change is largely natural and unalarming.

I was honored to chair the panel on Climate Science and Accurate Data. The panel included a powerful presentation by meteorologist Anthony Watts, originator of SurfaceStations.org, a website devoted to photographing and documenting the quality of weather stations across the United States. Watts explained much of temperature data we collect are biased – even before the government tampers with the raw data – because they are recorded and gathered from badly sited, inherently unreliable surface thermometers.

Interviewed by a television crew, I said the conference would be a success if just one person in attendance learned one new thing to help him or her battle climate alarmists’ attempts to extend government control over peoples’ lives. At ICCC-10, everyone – even veterans of the climate wars – learned dozens of things they did not know before attending, leaving us all better armed for our continuing efforts to uphold sound science and economics in the discussion of climate policies.

If you could not attend, do yourself a favor: Watch the entire conference at your own pace online at climateconference.heartland.org.

— H. Sterling Burnett

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Desperation drives NOAA to “fix” climate record againUnited Nations climate negotiations resolve littleGood hurricane news turned into dire warningPapal climate encyclical misses mark on science and policyTrade deal could extort climate concessions


To great fanfare, in a paper published in Science, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced a new analysis of temperature data showing there has been no pause in warming. After adjusting data from ocean buoy temperature recorders and combining those data with long-term temperature records taken from engine intake channels on ocean-going vessels, NOAA announced no pause occurred in the rise of global temperatures.

Scientists already have pointed to numerous problems with NOAA’s claim. First, engine intake data were never intended for scientific use because they are contaminated by heat from ships’ engines and structural heat absorption. Ocean buoys, which record significantly cooler temperatures than recorded by intake channels, avoid the engine/ship heat island effect. In addition, NOAA’s new claims are contradicted by every other international data set, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s own findings, measurements from the world’s weather balloon and satellite data sets, and its own previous measurements showing the world’s average temperature has not increased for nearly two decades, despite a steady rise in carbon dioxide emissions.

SOURCES: NOAA News, Watts up with That, and Daily Caller


The latest round of United Nations climate talks, held in Bonn, Germany in June, made little progress refining a proposal, to be finalized at a Paris summit in December, to curb greenhouse gas emissions in developed and developing countries. After two weeks of talks, developed countries failed to clarify how and when they will begin financing a promised 2020 $100 billion per year climate fund to help developing countries adapt to climate change. In addition, strong disagreements remained concerning the extent and timing for large fast-developing economies, such as China and India, to curb their greenhouse gas emissions. China’s chief negotiator complained procedural talks had gone so slowly there was no time to discuss emission targets and the pace of emissions cuts.

SOURCE: India Climate Dialogue


In the past, climate hucksters like Kevin Trenberth illegitimately linked particular hurricanes to human-caused global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims hurricanes should be getting more powerful and longer-lived due to climate change. Yet, as environmentalist/journalist Seth Borenstein reports, cities that normally get hit with category three or higher hurricanes on average every 20 to 40 years have now gone more than 70 years without such an event. The U.S. is currently experiencing the longest period without a major hurricane making landfall in more than 90 years, and the overall number of intense hurricanes has fallen worldwide, defying climate model projections.

Nevertheless, climate hypesters have found the dark cloud to this silver lining. According to MIT meteorology professor Kerry Emanuel, “It’s ripe for disaster. … It’s just the laws of statistics. Luck will run out. It’s just a question of when.” Emanuel is undoubtedly right, it is just a matter of time before the next big hurricane hits – let’s just hope when it does, Emanuel and his IPCC cronies remember simple statistics and physics, not anthropogenic global warming, caused the next big hurricane.

SOURCE: U.S. News and World Report & Associated Press


Pope Francis’s encyclical addressing climate change accepted IPCC’s assessment humans are mostly responsible for climate change. He claimed climate disaster would be especially harmful to the world’s poor and could be prevented only by remaking the global economic system; replacing the goals of continued economic growth with living simpler, less materialistic lives; and instituting some form of global governance, in part to transfer funds from developed countries to developing countries to enable them to better cope with future climate change and other environmental harms.

The Heartland Institute had a ready answer to the pope: Holy Father, you got both the science and the policy prescriptions wrong! As Jim Lakely, communications director for Heartland, said, “Pope Francis’s heart is in the right place, but he made a grave mistake by putting his trust and moral authority behind agenda-driven bureaucrats at the United Nations who have been bearing false witness about the causes and consequences of climate change for decades.” Lakely noted, “More than a billion of the poorest people in the world would remain in abject poverty for generations if they are to rely on windmills, solar panels, and other unreliable and expensive sources of energy.” Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast said, “Humans are not causing a climate crisis on God’s green Earth – in fact, they are fulfilling their Biblical duty to protect and use it for the benefit of humanity.”

Theologian E. Calvin Beisner, founder of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, also sought to correct the pope’s views, saying, “Sad to say, despite Pope Francis’s best intentions, the policies he recommends to mitigate global warming would make it far more difficult to overcome poverty. Wealth enables people to afford better environmental stewardship. Pope Francis should champion economic development as a solution both to poverty and to environmental degradation.”

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President Barack Obama admitted trade agreements he negotiates using accelerated trade promotion authority granted by Congress will include climate change provisions. In a June 3 interview on National Public Radio’s Marketplace, Obama said enforcing climate change regulations would be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) his administration is negotiating with Malaysia and 10 other countries. Obama said, “If we want to solve something like climate change, which is one of my highest priorities, then I’ve got to be able to get into places like Malaysia, and say to them, this is in your interest. What leverage do I have to get them to stop deforestation? Well, part of the leverage is if I’m in a trade relationship with them that allows me to raise standards.” Obama would not need Congressional approval for the TPP climate provisions. Rather, he could use the commission established under the TPP agreement to add and enforce those terms as an addendum to the agreement.

SOURCE: American Thinker

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