Tesla Sedan Fails Miserably in NY Times Test Drive

Published February 12, 2013

New York Times columnist John Broder experienced a rude surprise recently when he test-drove a taxpayer-subsidized Tesla sedan. Like its many failed cousins in the Green Economy, the Tesla sedan delivered very little for all its taxpayer funding and left him stranded in the freezing cold.

Broder accepted delivery in Washington DC and planned a trip to Boston. The Tesla sedan cannot use gasoline, so Broder had to carefully plan his trip to take advantage of the few Tesla battery charging stations between Washington and Boston. To his consternation, Broder discovered the Tesla sedan did not deliver anything near the mileage he had been promised, and he ended up stranded and freezing in the winter cold in Connecticut.

Broder did everything possible to help the Tesla complete the trip. To save power as his estimated mileage rapidly dwindled, he drove 54 miles per hour (more than 10 miles below the speed limit) on the Interstate. He shut off the heat and all other non-essential functions, despite the freezing outdoor temperatures. He recharged the Tesla wherever he could, even though the recharging process takes nearly an hour.

In the end, though, the Tesla battery died and Broder had to call for someone to rescue him along the roads of Connecticut.

This, my friends, is why we are forcing our children and grandchildren to borrow money from China; to keep pouring money into loser technologies and loser companies like Solyndra and Tesla.

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