That Party Was a Blast

Published February 13, 2012

A fraternity and a frat member at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia are being sued for negligence after a party where alcohol was served. The complaint alleges the fraternity member, standing on the back deck of the fraternity house “highly intoxicated” at about 1:30 a.m., “decided in his drunken stupor that it would be a good idea to shoot bottle rockets out of his anus.”

The defendant “placed a bottle rocket in his anus [and] ignited the fuse, but instead of launching, the bottle rocket blew up in Defendant’s rectum.” The plaintiff, evidently standing on the deck as well, was startled and fell off the deck.

The deck lacked a railing, in violation of building codes. Plus, it’s illegal to fire off a bottle rocket within the city.

Plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages for pain and medical expenses.

Source: Carrie Ann Cherry, “Ever Been That Drunk?” Courthouse News Service, February 2, 2012, h/t lowering the bar