The Conscience of Conservative Blacks: Acknowledgments

Published January 1, 2005

The essays in this volume are based on presentations made on April 30, 2004 by five conservative African-Americans at the annual meeting of The Heritage Foundation Resource Bank. The meeting took place at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago.

The panel was brought together by Lee H. Walker, president of The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change, a nonprofit organization based in Chicago. Walker is also a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute. He moderated the panel and helped produce this book.

Approximately 100 people from around the country attended the session and listened to the panel. Judging by the enthusiastic applause after each presentation and the prolonged conversations when it ended, it is safe to say the panelists were well received.

We wish to thank Bridgett Wagner, director of coalition relations for The Heritage Foundation, for inviting Lee Walker to assemble the panel and for making all the necessary arrangements. Erica Lieberman, with The Heartland Institute, did an expert job transcribing the taped recording of the panel.

Funding for this book was provided by donors to The New Coalition and The Heartland Institute and grants from the Ceres Foundation and J.M. Foundation.

Joseph L. Bast ([email protected]) is president of The Heartland Institute.