The Trouble with Clouds

Published December 6, 2012

It’s hard to reduce to a set of mathematical equations an entity that can appear out of nowhere and disappear in like manner, as clouds do; but climate modelers have to be able to do it – and do it well – if they are ever going to be able to adequately determine Earth’s thermal response to atmospheric CO2 enrichment… Read More

Could the Black Katy Chiton Survive a Period of Rapid Oceanic Warming? (4 December 2012)
Or would it go extinct, as climate alarmists contend will soon be the fate of many of Earth’s aquatic and terrestrial life forms?… Read More

Has There Been an Increase in Multi-Day Temperature Variability in Austria in Response to 20th-Century Warming? (4 December 2012)
Is Earth’s weather getting more extreme and variable in response to the warming that plucked the planet out of the chilly grip of the Little Ice Age? Climate alarmists claim that it should have been doing so, but Hiebl and Hofstatter conclude that concerns about “an increasing number and strength of temperature extremes in terms of deviations from the mean state in the past decades cannot be maintained”… Read More

The Tripartite Greening of Northern Quebec, Canada: 1986-2010 (4 December 2012)
The province’s grasses, shrubs and trees have taken advantage of recent warmth in the region… Read More

The Biofuels Mandate and U.S. Corn Prices (5 December 2012)
There are unintended consequences of mandating corn ethanol usage and some of the future policy decisions the United States may make “could substantially exacerbate the impacts of climate change”… Read More

CO2 Effects on Nitrogen Fixation in Soybeans (5 December 2012)
According to the Chinese researchers who conducted this study, “variation in N2 fixation ability in response to elevated CO2 should be used as a key trait for selecting cultivars for future climate with respect to meeting the higher N demand driven by a carbon-rich atmosphere”… Read More

A 370-Year History of Tropical Cyclones in the Lesser Antilles (5 December 2012)
What does it reveal about the impact – of the so-called (by climate alarmists) unprecedented warming of the Little Ice Age-to-Current Warm Period transition – on the region’s yearly number and intensity of tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes?… Read More

Going Back in Time: The (un)Predictability of Climate (5 December 2012)
Revisiting a classic paper by Lorenz (1963), comments can be made about the predictability of climate. In this paper, the behavior of periodic and non-periodic flows was examined using a low order model. This kind of technique uses the simplest representation of key variables in a system. In particular, Lorenz (1963) examines the behavior of convection in a fluid. He demonstrates that the behavior of non-periodic flows can be complex, and that even though the laws of motion are known, predictability is limited… Read More