Tipsy, or Just Top-Heavy?

Published February 23, 2012

A Florida woman was stopped by police for erratic driving. They observed she was slurring her speech, had glassy eyes, and was staggering.

Not surprisingly, they gave her a roadside sobriety test, which she told police she would fail. “She told me that I needed to understand that she is big-chested and … she is not going to balance well,” the policeman wrote. “She told me, ‘Big breast you don’t balance well.'”

She began to take her clothes off to prove her claim of having large breasts, but the policeman stopped her. She was charged with driving under the influence and released on $750 bail.

Source: “Woman busted for drunk driving says her big breasts caused DUI charge; Florida woman says her body type caused her to fail sobriety test,” New York Daily News, February 4, 2012