Urban Heat Islands of the Anatolian Peninsula

Published September 20, 2012

They are illustrative of how easily this non-CO2-induced warming could be contributing to the life-sustaining molecule’s bad reputation among climate alarmists… Read More

Evolution as the Basis for Coping with Climate Change (18 September 2012)
The two editors of a special issue of the journal Evolutionary Applications briefly describe nine papers that present the gist of what was discussed at two prior meetings devoted to evolution and biodiversity within the context of projected changes in the global environment… Read More

Spanish Reptiles in a Warming World (18 September 2012)
How are they coping with the climate-alarmist-decreed disaster? They have shifted northward since 1940 by 0.5 km/year, which is “similar to the magnitude of range shifts in other taxonomic groups.” And such finding “could mean the probability of extinction associated with increases in temperature may be lower than expected”… Read More

The Dynamic Behavior of India’s Chhota Shigri Glacier (18 September 2012)
Its recent behavior “challenges the generally accepted idea that glaciers in the Western Himalaya have been shrinking rapidly for the last few decades,” as implied by Solomon et al. in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report… Read More

A Two-Millennia Temperature History of the Southwestern Corner of Canada’s Yukon Territory (19 September 2012)
The evidence continues to accumulate for a likely warmer-than-present Medieval Warm Period… Read More

Are Earth’s Estuaries Endangered More by the Local or Global Activities of Man? (
19 September 2012) A case study from Australia sheds new and far-reaching light on the question… Read More

Simulations of Seasonal Snow in the Upper Colorado River Basin (19 September 2012)
How good are they? In light of several less-than-enthusiastic findings reported in this study, it would appear that state-of-the-art RCMs still have a long, long way to go before they can be trusted to do what it is their intended mandate to do… Read More

The “Twin Evils” of the Radical Environmentalist Movement (19 September 2012)
Not only would large increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration and air temperature not be bad for the hydrology of California’s San Joaquin watershed, they would likely be good for it, which is just the opposite of what the world’s climate alarmists typically contend… Read More