US East Coast Winter Storms: Are They Becoming More Extreme?

Published May 31, 2016

Climate alarmists claim that almost every type of storm has been getting more extreme as the planet warms. So how about this one?… Read More

Climate Change and Earth’s Animal Life: Hormones to the Rescue! (11 September 2012)
The animate creatures that walk, crawl, swim or fly throughout their individual niches of the planet’s biosphere are not without effective means of adjusting to global warming and its potential disruptions of contemporary weather patterns… Read More

Global vs. Local Stressors of Calcifying Organisms on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (11 September 2012)
Which is by far the most serious of the two types of stressors?… Read More

North Atlantic Storms: Medieval Warm Period vs. Little Ice Age (11 September 2012)
For this particular portion of the planet, it is clear that relative warmth, as opposed to relative coolness, typically leads to more extreme storms, which is just the opposite of what the world’s climate alarmists continue to contend… Read More

Arctic Amplification and Extreme Weather (11 September 2012)
A paper by Francis and Vavrus (2012) links the Arctic Amplification- AA (the observed enhanced warming of high northern latitudes relative to northern hemisphere) to some of the recent extreme weather in the mid-latitudes of Europe and North America. However, it may still be quite some time before the many factors influencing extreme weather events, including an anthropogenic influence (if any), are understood and properly accounted for… Read More

The Long-Distance Gene Flow of Trees (12 September 2012)
Does it have the potential to enable forests to adequately cope with rapid climate change? In a word, yes — “many tree species have evolved dispersal syndromes enabling the effective flow of genetic information across distant populations inhabiting contrasting environments,” and these exchanges “may in the case of forest trees favor adaptation to changing climatic conditions, compensating for their long-generation time”… Read More

Acclimation of a Cold-Water Coral to Ocean Acidification (12 September 2012)
Rome wasn’t built in a day; and neither did the transplanted coral adapt in an instant. But adapt it did!… Read More

Simulating Earth’s Southern Ocean and Its Climate (12 September 2012)
How well – or how not so well – does the newest version (4) of the Community Climate System Model perform in this regard?… Read More

Another Take on the Airborne Fraction of Anthropogenic CO2 (12 September 2012)
What percentage of each year’s CO2 emissions remain in the atmosphere?… Read More