Viewing ‘Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words’

Published May 20, 2020

Many viewers in the Chicago area were frustrated Monday evening when WTTW’s signal (along with those of several other television channels) was knocked off the air by the flooding and closure of Willis Tower (which remains closed this morning, although the Channel 11 signal is back on the air) and were unable to watch “Created Equal:  Clarence Thomas in His Own Words”.

The program is available now (and will remain available at least through next week) for streaming on demand at:

It is also available for streaming on the PBS national website now and at least through next week, here:

Many local PBS stations have it available for streaming on their respective websites, and many may also plan rebroadcasts;  please check local listings.

As a former immediate subordinate of Justice Thomas and as the Chairman of the WTTW Community Advisory Board, I am doubly frustrated by any inconvenience anyone has experienced in seeing this film.  I have seen it and commend it heartily for all viewers.

The creation and the airing of this film are acts of true public service.  It runs for just under two hours;  it is well worth the investment of your time.