Vouchers Needed to Fix Science Scores

Published November 22, 2006

Dear Editor:

The excuse offered for CPS’s abysmally low science scores [“CPS Kids Lag Badly In Science” Nov. 16] in the 2005 Urban NAEP–that teachers were too busy working to raise reading scores–just doesn’t wash. CPS 8th graders achieved an average scale score of 249 in reading in the 2002 Urban NAEP test. In the 2005 reading test, their score was again 249. So much for excuses.

Whatever is going on in CPS classrooms and however hard teachers are working, it just isn’t producing the educational achievement that children need, parents want, and employers wish for. It’s time for Mayor Daley to admit that his 12-year experiment with mayoral control of schools is a failure and urge lawmakers in Springfield to give vouchers a chance. We can’t afford to waste the lives of any more children.


George Clowes
Mt. Prospect, IL

George Clowes ([email protected]) is senior fellow for education affairs at The Heartland Institute.