Why YOU Should Oppose Smoking Bans

Published July 13, 2005

According to Joseph Bast, president of The Heartland Institute, “bans on smoking are unfair, unnecessary, and ineffective. They are part of a ‘war’ being conducted against a shrinking group of people by an army of tax-paid professional anti-smoking advocates. Everyone–smokers and nonsmokers alike–should be offended by this attack on individual rights.”

Bast has long opposed discriminatory taxes and regulations against smokers, writing on the subject many times during the past 15 years. His work, along with research and commentary by scores of experts on smoking, can be found in the “Smoker’s Lounge” on Heartland’s Web site at www.heartland.org. Simply click HERE or find the “Smoker’s Lounge” Issue Suite in the left navigation column and click to enter. To view Joseph Bast’s talking points against a proposed smoking ban in Chicago, click HERE.