Biden, Montana, Maui – ‘Climate Emergency’ Madness Continues With Special Guest Dr. Judith Curry

Published August 19, 2023
It has been a crazy week in the climo-sphere. Fires in Maui were blamed on “climate change” by the media, only for them to find out that this wasn’t the case at all!

President Joe Biden, after having a disastrous week of optics sitting on the beach while Maui burned, decided to fly there Monday. With the perfect setting for “disaster porn” from the burned city of Lahaina, he may finally declare an “official” global climate emergency next week.

The Biden White House loves their optics!

Also, a bunch of kids in Montana (well, actually their handlers) filed a climate lawsuit against the state citing the Montana constitution provision for a clean environment. They just won, arguing with exaggerations and cherry-picked data. Special guest, Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry will discuss her role in defending that lawsuit and her observations.