Cancer Can Expose the Health Care Shortcomings Under Obamacare

Published March 30, 2023
In this episode, host AnneMarie Schieber dives into the story of Robert “Bob” Fioretti, an influential figure in the world of Chicago and Illinois politics and cancer survivor. Bob’s journey through the healthcare system in the last decade, specifically during treatment for throat cancer, sheds light on the challenges faced by many in the age of Obamacare. Despite having “Cadillac” health coverage, Bob was overwhelmed with over $100,000 in out-of-pocket costs for his treatment. He also explains how he was never formally notified of his cancer diagnosis and how the system made him feel like just a dollar sign.

His book, “My Cancer Journey,” details the many factors that he needed to consider for his quality of life while fighting cancer, and how ever rising bills impacted his mental health. Bob and AnneMarie discuss potential solutions, such as “center of excellence” insurance plans tailored specifically for cancer care. Tune in to hear an eye-opening account of navigating the healthcare system as a cancer patient.