In The Future, You’ll Own Nothing – In The Tank Podcast #377

Published December 23, 2022
The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 377 of the In The Tank Podcast. With Christmas just around the corner, we take a look at the potential ghost of Christmas future. Based heavily on articles and rhetoric from the World Economic Forum – the biggest advocates of The Great Reset – the ITT crew talks about a world in the not-too-distant-future where people no longer own anything. Sounds crazy, but we may be well on our way to realizing that scenario.
The New York Times – Disney Adds Warnings for Racist Stereotypes to Some Older Films
World Economic Forum – 3 circular economy approaches to reduce demand for critical metals
World Economic Forum – This is how millennials are fueling the rental economy
Tech Crunch – Lyft says nearly 250k of its passengers ditched a personal car in 2017
Uber – Transit Horizons: Toward a New Model of Public Transportation
CNBC – I drove hundreds of miles ‘hands-free’ in GM, Ford and Tesla cars – here’s how it went
New York Post – How corporations are buying up houses – robbing families of the American Dream
World Economic Forum – A Framework for the Future of Real Estate
World Economic Forum – These facts show how unsustainable the fashion industry is
Breitbart – WEF Adviser Yuval Harari: ‘We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’ in Today’s World