Killing “Certificate of Need” Laws (Guest: Marcello Hochman, M.D.)

Published June 26, 2023
This episode of Health Care News focuses on the recent repeal of the Certificate of Need and financial credentialing in the healthcare industry by Governor Henry McMaster on May 17. Dr. Marcello Hochman, a surgeon in Charleston and president of the organization “IndeDoc,” has been advocating for healthcare market reforms since 2019. In an interview, Hochman explains the process of passing the bill and how it will enhance competition in the healthcare market, ultimately leading to reduced prices.
The discussion covers various topics such as:
1.      The need for patience in passing healthcare reforms, as it sometimes takes multiple attempts.
2.      The concept of “financial credentialing” by hospitals and its negative impact on consumers.
3.      How the Certificate of Need hinders competition and increases costs.
4.      The events leading up to the bill’s passing in 2023.
5.      Non-compete clauses that hospitals require healthcare professionals to sign and how it affects market competition.
6.      The role of “Indy Docs” in advocating for healthcare market reforms.
7.       The challenges physicians face in remaining independent and having ownership in their practice.