Testimony before the Minnesota State Senate Environment and Energy Committee

Published March 3, 2015

[Below is an excerpt of Heartland Government Relations Manager, Nathan Makla, March 3, 2015 testimony before the Minnesota State Senate Environment and Energy Committee, in favor of lifting the states moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power plants. For the full testimony, please click on the PDF link above.]

Nuclear power is not an intermittent energy source, which makes it more reliable than renewable energy. Nuclear power plants produce electricity when needed regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. Most plants have a 18–24 month supply of uranium fuel in their reactors. This allows for grid stability, which provides consumers stable and affordable electricity costs.

Nuclear power employs more than 1,300 high-skilled workers in Minnesota. Over $315 million of materials, services, and fuel for the nuclear plants are purchased annually from more than 1,150 Minnesota companies. The average payroll for a nuclear power plant (550 workers) is $40 million and contributes $470 million to the local economy.