A Global Fire History of the Past Century

Published July 23, 2014

What does it reveal about the relative roles of climate change and direct human impacts? Based on the results of this study, it is crystal clear that mankind’s various activities constitute by far the most important single factor among the many that have resulted in a net century-long history of ever-decreasing global burned area… Read More

High Temperature Stress vs. High CO2 Relief in Kentucky Bluegrass (22 Jul 2014)
According to climate alarmists, high temperatures due to climate change in the future will negatively impact plants. This study evaluates that possibility, finding the opposite is likely to be true as “more enhanced root growth relative to shoot growth by elevated CO2 could facilitate water and nutrient uptake by the root system to support plant growth and survival under high temperature stress”… Read More

The Medieval Warm Period in the Alpine Regions of Europe (22 Jul 2014)
The MWP was “a pronounced period (A.D. 900-1200) with few dry extremes,” where greater warmth was often associated with greater wetness, the implications of which point to “beneficial conditions for agriculture and human well-being”… Read More

Cave-Air CO2 and Forest Growth: Some Interesting Correlations (22 Jul 2014)
Even below ground – in caves – there is strong evidence for the significant increase in forest and other vegetative growth that has occurred in concert with the historical and still-ongoing increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration, as well as during the earlier portion of this period when Earth’s air temperatures were also rising… Read More

Changes in Coccolith Calcification in Stable Ocean CO2 Conditions (23 Jul 2014)
What else may cause them to precipitate more or less carbon? … and what are the implications?… Read More

Surface Albedo Feedback in Eleven CMIP3 Climate Models (23 Jul 2014)
How well is the phenomenon currently being replicated? Not very well. The models are not yet at the point where their output can be given much credence when it comes to simulating surface albedo feedback… Read More

The Values and Virtues of Protected Reef Fish Communities (23 Jul 2014)
Protection from fishing buffered fluctuations in biodiversity and provided resistance of colonization from invasive species, and may provide a means for adapting to potential climate-induced changes in these parameters in the future… Read More