Alarmists Concede Defeat in Heartland/Climate Reality Debate

Published January 18, 2013

Climate Change Weekly #77

Global warming alarmists and skeptics alike report Heartland Institute Senior Fellow James M. Taylor scored a decisive victory over Ray Bellamy, an official presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, in a global warming debate in Tallahassee, Florida.

“A number of attendees had their viewpoint about climate change not being a crisis confirmed,” global warming activist Pam McVety lamented in an article published in the Tallahassee Democrat. “The audience experienced the climate denial machine at its best.”

“Judging it as a pure debate, Bellamy came in second,” admitted Tallahassee Democrat columnist Mark Hohmeister, who then attempted to reargue Bellamy’s presentation for him.

On a Facebook page titled, “Crash a Tea Party!!” more than two dozen people eagerly let it be known they would attend the debate to “have Dr. Ray Bellamy’s back.” After the debate, however, few people posted and fewer still were in good spirits.

“What did you expect?” one activist moaned after the debate. “But it was fun getting the excellent look at the Face of the Beast,” the activist posted in answer to his own question.

Gore’s Climate Reality Project surprised observers by agreeing to the January 8 public debate. Gore’s presenters very rarely agree to participate in debates or public events in which skeptics are allowed an opportunity to present the case against a global warming crisis.

SOURCE: Environment & Climate News


Goreham: National Climate Assessment “extremely” misleading … Hansen admits temperatures flat for past decade … Peer-reviewed paper documents much warmer Medieval Warm Period … U.S. sunshine, humidity data contradict alarmist warming claims


The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC) issued a draft report last week titled “Climate Change and the American People” that used the word “extreme” more than 600 times. Washington Times columnist Steve Goreham showed the only thing “extreme” about the report is its repeated assertion of nonexistent global warming crises.

SOURCE: Washington Times


Prominent climate alarmist James Hansen admits in a new paper there has been no global warming during the past decade. Hansen’s admission contradicts assertions by other alarmists that no such pause in global warming has occurred. Wrote Hansen and two colleagues, “The five-year mean global temperature has been flat for the last decade, which we interpret as a combination of natural variability and a slow down in the growth rate of net climate forcing.”

SOURCE: Columbia University


Remember when peer-reviewed papers drove global warming people’s perspectives on global warming rather than the other way around? The Hockey Schtick uncovered a 1999 paper in Arizona Geology summarizing a paywall-blocked peer-reviewed article in Environmental Geosciences. According to the Arizona Geology summary of the article, “Global temperatures appear to be rising, irrespective of any human influence, as Earth continues to emerge from the Little Ice Age. If the temperature increase during the past 130 years reflects recovery from the Little Ice Age, it is not unreasonable to expect the temperature to rise another 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius to a level comparable to that of the Medieval Warm Period about 800 years ago.”

SOURCES: The Hockey Schtick and Arizona Geology


The United States has experienced a substantial increase in total surface net solar radiation since 1996, yet temperatures have remained steady, according to a newly published paper in the peer-reviewed Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Cloudiness has decreased in the United States since 1996, as has specific atmospheric humidity. Each of these developments contradicts alarmist global warming theory.

SOURCE: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres and The Hockey Schtick

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