Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Should Be Jailed: RFK Jr.

Published November 7, 2014


More than 100,000 activists jammed New York City streets for the “People’s Climate March” September 21, demanding an end to climate change, the elimination of fossil fuels, and the elimination of capitalism.

Interviews revealed, many marchers are ill-informed concerning climate science.

When questioned by Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow’s Christina Norman, respondents incorrectly said Earth’s temperature continues to increase, and wind and solar power generate several times more electricity than they actually do.

Kennedy, Others: Lock Up Skeptics

As reported at Climate Depot, when Climate Depot Director Marc Morano asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about the Koch brothers, Kennedy called them “treasonous.” They have become billionaires “by impoverishing the rest of us” and should be in jail, “enjoying three hots and a cot at The Hague with all the other war criminals,” Kennedy said.

Those who dispute the “consensus” on manmade climate change “are doing the Koch brothers’ bidding and are against all the evidence, saying global warming does not exist,” RFK stated. “They are contemptible human beings.”

Rochester Institute of Technology philosopher Lawrence Torcello and others have also said “climate deniers” should be jailed for their beliefs.

Skeptics Respond

Morano and others pointed out “climate skeptics” recognize global warming happens. Global warming, global cooling, and “wild weather” have been “real” since Earth began, they note. Skeptics note, however, the science does not show human CO2 emissions have replaced the powerful natural forces that have caused climate fluctuations throughout history.

Norman noted more than 2.5 billion people worldwide still use wood and dung fires to heat their homes and cook their food. Energy deprivation results in millions of deaths every year from lung diseases due to breathing polluted smoke from cooking and heating fires, and from intestinal diseases caused by spoiled food and tainted water.

“Whatever happened to the liberal, environmentalist concept that saving even one child’s life is worth whatever costs it requires?” asked Dennis Avery, director of the Center for Global Food Issues.

Sharing the Death Sentence

By his own standards, Kennedy and others could be tried for crimes against humanity, for the diseases and deaths their policies cause and perpetuate, Avery suggested.

“If they were sentenced to do community service while living in native communities and under those living conditions, they would be breathing the locals’ air and drinking their water, get bitten by disease-infested insects, and have to walk miles to basic medical services when they contract malaria, pneumonia or dysentery,” Avery said.

“That could make community service a death sentence, akin to what anti-fossil fuel activists in the People’s Climate March are imposing on millions of unfortunate people,” he added.

Paul Driessen ([email protected])is a senior policy advisor of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.