Cold Breaks Records, Again!

Published November 13, 2014

During 2014, the United States has experienced an unusual amount of record breaking cold weather and weather-related phenomena. In large part due to the polar vortex, hundreds, if not thousands of cities and towns in the U.S. experienced multiple days of record setting temperatures — both record lows and record low high temperatures.

This continued into the summer. In July record lows or record low high temperatures were set in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Pittsburgh and many other cities, and in states from Minnesota to Alabama, to Florida.

Record low temperatures continued into September when 246 record low high temperatures records were broken or tied between September 1 and September 10 alone. Some of the record breaking temperatures were as much as 16 degrees below the previous record low.

trees snowfall

In addition to record cold, numerous cities and regions saw record snowfall, and lingering snow in early 2014.

Not to be outdone, late 2014 is already breaking temperature and snowfall records.  South Carolina, experienced its earliest snowfall on record , while other states are experiencing record amounts of early snowfall and/or low temperatures.

Some states and cities are 20 degrees below their normal temperatures for this time of year including Florida and Dallas, where I live. Denver has experienced record breaking low temperatures two days running with temperatures running 34 degrees below average and Maine has experienced its earliest double-digit snowfall.

Not to be outdone, the great lakes region, the Mid-West and the great Northwest, have all experienced either record lows, record low highs or record early snowfall or ice. Most recently, Casper, Wyoming and Oklahoma are both more then 20 degrees below their average temperatures and while snowfall amounts accumulating in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington, are not extraordinary by mid-winter standards, for early fall they are impressive.

I’m sorry folks, but this is not how global warming is supposed to work!

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