Finally, Someone Said it: Stop Extending Unemployment Benefits

Published December 11, 2013

This week, on Fox News Sunday, Senator (and likely presidential hopeful) Rand Paul (R-KY) came out against further extension of unemployment benefits, saying that ongoing extensions do a “disservice” to workers. Yes, they do that, as well as offering a disservice to taxpayers.

But in an era where Republicans are so desperate not to seem “mean” that they too often act like “Democrats-lite,” this direct opposition to never-ending unemployment benefits is a breath of fresh air.

Sen. Paul pointed out that incenvitizing people to be unemployed for a longer time causes them to become less desirable as employees (as people who have been out of work for longer, and thus further out of touch with business, technology, or just a work ethic.)

There is another reason to oppose yet another extension: Removing unemployment benefits will wake more Americans up to the Obama economy and to the damage that this administration’s massive over-regulation, creation of uncertainty, and particularly Obamacare, are doing to the opportunities that all Americans have to live successful and fulfilling lives.

Finally, the administration and liberals everywhere argue that cutting back unemployment benefits will harm the economy. But if that’s the case, why don’t we just make a law banning work, then hand out money to everyone, and the economy will skyrocket, and we’ll all be able to live lives of leisure…for free?!?

The response to Sen. Paul, or rather whether the inevitable leftist frothing at the mouth can defeat Paul’s logic among independent and moderate voters, will say a lot about the future of the United States.

[First published at the American Spectator.]