Heartland Weekly: Crop Yields Contradict Climate Doom

Published January 21, 2020

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Happiness, Thy Name is NSCW
Robert Holland
American Thinker
The popularity of National School Choice Week grew like gangbusters in the 2010s, resulting in recent speculation that we may be at the dawn of the Roaring Twenties for school choice in America.

Crop Yields Contradict Climate Doom
James Taylor
U.S. and global crop production continue to set new records, even as climate activists ramp up a campaign to convince people that climate change is decimating crops and forcing farmers out of business.

Misguided Youth Protesters Have It Wrong
H. Sterling Burnett
American Spectator
Contrary to the claims of “Extinction Rebellion” or misinformed youths like Greta Thunberg, industrial civilization has not “robbed” anyone of their futures. The 21st century has been the best ever.

Humans Helped Along Australia’s Wildfires
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Gregory Wrightstone
A combination of bad, but not historically unusual weather, bad policies, and bad actors, not climate change, are responsible for Australia’s horrific wildfires.

Summing Up the Democratic Debate
Hosts: Billy Aouste and Chris Talgo
Young Heartland staffers cover the bevy of topics from the latest Democratic debate, including trade policy, health care, the environment, and the Sanders/Warren feud.

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic
Host: Lindsey Stroud
Guest: Rep. James Spillane
New Hampshire State Representative James Spillane discusses his legislation which would reform the criminal asset forfeiture law to address the opioid epidemic.

What It Was Like at Trump’s WI Rally
Darren Brady Nelson
Freedom Pub
President Trump slowly walked and waved his way to the podium. When he waved my way, up in one of the “nose bleed” sections, it weirdly felt like he was waving just at me.

Climate Change Has Helped OZ Fires
Tiffany Taylor
Inside Sources
It’s undeniable this has been a very dry year for Australia, but it is not credible to say climate change is causing this year’s drought when other recent years have had average or above-average rainfall.

Get America Out of the United Nations
Jay Lehr and Tom Harris
America Out Loud
It took courage for the president to announce that the U.S. would get out of Paris this year at the very first opportunity. It was the right thing to do. Now we must turn our sights towards exiting the U.N.

Don’t Believe NOAA’s Warming Hype
Anthony Watts
The Heartland Institute
NOAA is once again playing games with the data, refusing to show the world that the best temperature stations it has in the continental U.S. show no warming, and a slight cooling, since 2005.

Energy Policies Fueling Housing Crisis
Ronald Stein
California Political Review
California’s green crusade is increasing the costs of electricity – which guarantees growth of the homeless, poverty, and welfare populations, and further fuels the housing affordability crisis there.

Trump Proposes NEPA Reform
Chris Talgo
If the president’s proposed changes to the National Environmental Policy Act come to fruition, the regulatory headaches that overwhelm these projects could finally be reduced to a sensible level.

Internet Taxes Weaken Digital Economy
Matthew Glans
Research & Commentary
A proposal in Missouri would impose a use tax on remote vendors with at least $100,000 from the sale of tangible personal property in the state.

Schumpeter: Outsider Looking In
Richard Ebeling
Some 70 years ago, on January 8, 1950, one of the most famous economists of the 20th century passed away at the age of 66, Joseph A. Schumpeter.

States Struggle to Control Marijuana Markets
Brandon Best
Budget & Tax News
Legal marijuana continues to compete with its black-market cousin because of the time needed to establish a legitimate marketplace and taxes on weed.