Heartland Weekly: Pruitt Leading EPA Toward Greatness

Published March 12, 2018

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E-Cig Policy Is Step In Right Direction
Jesse Hathaway, The Daily Caller
The American Cancer Society’s (ACS) new policy statement on e-cigarettes’ role in promoting smoking cessation is a welcome and long-overdue change

Pruitt Leading EPA Toward Greatness
Tim Huelskamp and H. Sterling Burnett, The Hill
Pruitt has served a full year as EPA administrator, and so far, so great when it comes to overturning wrong-headed Obama-era policies.

Sierra Club Targets Heartland
The radical and wealthy Sierra Club has sent an “emergency” request to its three million members. Why? Because we’re being effective in our effort to stop the premature closing of coal plants. Help us in our fight.

Two Minutes with Tim
Take two minutes of your day to listen to Heartland Institute President Tim Huelskamp discuss the rampant growth of fake news!

Podcast: Growth Out of Control
Host: Jesse Hathaway
Guest: Jonathan Bydlak
The president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending talks about Congress’ recent budget-busting spending deal and President Donald Trump’s new plan for infrastructure

Podcast: Low Energy Prices
Host: Isaac Orr
Guest: Ross McKitrick
Energy prices need to come down to get U.S. manufacturing back on track. For this to occur, fossil fuels must be our major source of energy.

Constitutional Soundbites
Hosts: Chris Talgo and Lindsey Stroud
Guest: David Shestokas
In this first episode of Constitutional Soundbites, David Shestokas discusses a chapter in his book that outlines how Congress is supposed to work.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Charles Katebi and John Nothdurft, Health Care News
Health care access has deteriorated in Idaho. In response, Gov. Butch Otter (R) introduced a mixed bag of initiatives to address their health care crisis.

Choice Makes Public Schools Better
Teresa Mull, Deseret News
The go-to mantra of many traditional government school advocates is that education-choice programs destroy neighborhood public schools is flawed.

Valuing Profits More Than Ratepayers
Isaac Orr, RedState
WE Energies closing of the Pleasant Prairie power plant in Wisconsin exposes a system rigged to enrich green energy cronies and punish rate-payers.

Flashes of Freedom
Check out Heartland’s sharp new video series that tackles our issues in about three minutes. This edition features a speech by Senior Fellow Fred Palmer on how coal is, in fact, green.

How Politicians Jack Up Medicare Prices
Devon Herrick, Townhall
Ever wonder why the government cannot negotiate the price of Medicare drugs lower than private drug plans run by pharmacy benefit managers?

Meet the AML Bitcoin Revolution
Peter Ferrara, Investor’s Business Daily
A new bitcoin 2.0 called “AML Bitcoin” looks to overcome the security flaws plaguing the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Patriot’s Toolbox at WI Legislature
Wisconsin state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout reads from The Heartland Institute’s latest book, The Patriot’s Toolbox, and laments how it is positively influencing the Wisconsin legislature. Get your copy here!

Help Us Stop Wikipedia’s Lies!
Have you visited Heartland’s Wikipedia page recently? The good news is that it is more complete than it was just a couple months ago, after leftists took it over and trashed it. Most of the new information is accurate and unbiased. But the lies and libel about our positions on smoking and climate change remain. Other conservative and free-market sites suffer, too. Wikipedia refuses to make many of the changes we request and deletes and reverses the changes made by others. We need your help! READ MORE