Laughing at climate hysteria

Published October 23, 2021

We should laugh at climate hysteria, especially the fantasy proposals for stopping evil climate change. Electrify everything, running it on wind and solar? Restructure the economy? Restart the world in a green image? Stop eating meat and drinking milk? These proposals are all laughable, so feel free to laugh at them, as it will do a lot of good. 

Same for the scary science that supposedly justifies these outrageous proposals. It only exists in monster computer models that are deliberately programmed to produce it. True science is based on observation and we are seeing nothing to support these fantastical hot models. Floods, droughts, heatwaves, hurricanes and wildfires, are all continuing to occur in normal amounts. Same with sea level rise. Dealing with natural disasters is important but hoping to prevent them by not using gasoline or gas is just nuts.

Why laugh? There are several good reasons. First of all, ridicule is a powerful form of criticism. Properly used it is far more effective than anger. Laughing at the green fantasies also makes them a lot less scary, especially the end-of-days climate scares. This helps alleviate the fear that is being forced upon the children. But the best reason is that it feels good to laugh. Anger is useful in its proper place, but endless anger is debilitating. If you think about it the right way, these green fantasies are hilarious. I read the green news for laughs and they never disappoint.

Moreover, fixating on the fantasies distracts us from the real issues. These are the dangerous small steps that the fantasies are used to justify. Pushing electric vehicles for example. Or subsidizing the building of more tax-sheltering wind farms and acre-eating solar slabs. Combining the two is a super fantasy. In the case of wind and solar the battle has to be fought at the project level, but making fun of the fantasy can be very useful. President Trump’s great joke is a good starting point — “Honey I want to read tonight. Is the wind blowing?”

The answer is often “No dear, sorry” because wind is a terrible source of juice. Just because the blades are turning does not mean it is generating. It takes sustained strong wind over 30 mph for full power, which seldom happens anywhere in America for very long. What does happen frequently is they produce no power at all, during prolonged periods of low wind. In fact heat waves and cold snaps, when we need the most juice, are often low wind events lasting a week or more.

Solar reliably produces no power two thirds of every day and none for days in bad weather. There is no way to store the huge amounts of juice we need every day so wind and solar alone simply does not work. Trying to electrify all our uses for gasoline, diesel and natural gas just doubles the impossibility.

So the rush to do all this green stuff just speeds up the failure. They will hit the wall of impossibility at higher speed. First the impossible target was 2050, then 2040 something, now 2030 or even sooner. The politicians have been competing, blind to the simple fact that they are staking their careers on impossibilities.

We can all look forward to the collapse of alarmist climate policy. The best way to do that is to make fun of it, because the stupidity is truly hilarious. In the short run we will need some good blackout jokes. Also some good electric vehicle charging jokes, which ought to be easy. And we really need good jokes about bad science.

Then there is COP26, a true circus. Biden is reportedly taking a whopping 18 cabinet bigwigs and other federal goons. Imagine them all crowding into a tiny clown car, an electric of course, and running out of juice. They can take turns peddling a generator!

They are not negotiators so what will they be doing in Glasgow? Probably handing out brochures at the American Pavilion. That is what most of the 20,000 or so fly in delegates do. It is a huge sideshow you never hear about, but should laugh about, especially given the roaring energy crisis going on around them. A few blackouts would do them nicely.

Climate hysteria is laughably stupid, so let’s start laughing. It is easy to do once you try.


PHOTO: Wildfire. PHOTO BY: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region, Public Domain Mark 1.0.