Legal Beagles

Published October 28, 2011

Technically, this item isn’t about lawsuit abuse, but it may go a long way toward explaining why it exists.

Above the law, a legal blog, engages in matchmaking from time to time. Its latest effort sent two Chicago lawyers on a blind date. The male lawyer described himself as “kinetic, adventurous, and faux-angsty.” The female described herself as having “HUGE brains” and willing to go out with anyone who would buy her dinner and drinks.

Needless to say, the date didn’t go well. Boring was the mutual opinion, except the female added “aggressively mediocre.” Not unexpected when she was paired with a “faux-angsty” male.

“The food was good, and my drink was pretty great as well,” the female said. “I certainly would’ve enjoyed a second, if I hadn’t been so eager to get home.”

Kashmir Hill, “Courtship Connection: Please Try To Be Less Boring,”, October 14, 2011