Published May 9, 2012

An Illinois judge is suspected of trying to access 243 porn sites while hearing cases.

The list of sites, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, includes “,,,,” Many other sites “have names that can’t be printed in a family newspaper. Several suggest an interest in masturbation and large breasted women. Others cover specialty interests including office sex and older women,” the paper said.

The Sun-Times requested a copy of the log listing the sites, under the Freedom of Information Act, but the chief judge withheld it, claiming it was a judicial record not available to the public. The list was released after the Illinois Attorney General disagreed, saying a list of porn sites is “unrelated to any judicial function.”

The judge won’t admit he was trying to access porn, but the chief judge referred the case to the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board.

Source: Kim Janssen, “Judge’s computer login used in attempts to view pornography,” April 23, 2012