Shrub Proliferation Throughout Low Arctic Ecosystems

Published July 12, 2013

How rapid and extensive has the phenomenon been? According to the authors of this study, “vegetation in the upland tundra east of the Mackenzie Delta has changed dramatically in the last three decades with relative increases in tall shrub cover and alder density of 68.1 and 35%, respectively”… Read More

Impact of Continental Mass Change on Rate-of-Rise of Sea Level (9 Jul 2013)
New findings indicate the rate of sea level rise over the past two decades in on the order of 1.7 ± 0.8 mm/year, which is far less than that projected by climate alarmists… Read More

The Equatorial Cold Tongue Bias in CGCMs: Its Impact on ENSO (9 Jul 2013)
A new study reveals that “understanding the dynamical and thermodynamical mechanisms that drive the tropical atmosphere is required both to alleviate OAGCM errors and to describe the full extent of the atmosphere’s role in tropical variability, such as ENSO”… Read More

Life in a Cold and Dark Place: Can It Long Be Maintained in a Warming World? (9 Jul 2013)
A review of polar microalgae studies suggests that both Arctic and Antarctic phytoplankton are resilient to temperature increases up to 6°C greater than normal… Read More

Changes in Diurnal Temperature Range and Human Mortality (10 Jul 2013)
A decline in diurnal temperature range results in reduced human mortality in Guangzhou, China… Read More

Modeling Extreme Precipitation in the Tropics (10 Jul 2013)
How well do current state-of-the-art climate models perform in this regard? The four researchers who conducted this study state that “until the full range of deep convective processes in the tropics is more realistically represented in climate models, they cannot be used to predict the changes of extreme precipitation events in a changing (warming) climate”… Read More

The South Asian Monsoon: How Difficult It Has Been to Model (10 Jul 2013)
After many, many years of trying, the goal has yet to be reached… Read More